Adolf Busch & Rudolf Serkin play... Beethoven. Sonatas 3, 5, 7 / Schubert. Fantasia / Brahms. Sonatas 1, 2 - HMV 1931-1933 - New on HISTORICAL

Ludwig van Beethoven:  Violin Sonatas
No.3 in E flat major, op.12/3      /         No.5 in F major, op.24  "Spring"       /        No.7 in C minor, op.30/2  
Franz Schubert:  Fantasia in C major, D.934   
Johannes Brahms:  Violin Sonatas   
No.1 in G major, op.78      /      No.2 in A major, op.100
Adolf Busch, violin  &  Rudolf Serkin, piano  
HMV  137 290306 3   /  World Records  SHB 53  /  SHB 61 
2x zip FLAC files @

Hamburger Telemann-Gesellschaft - Couperin / Leclair / Boismortier - Archiv 1960 - New on PRISTINE


Francois Couperin:  Troisieme Concert royal in A major
Jean Marie Leclair:  Sonata no.8 in D major  
Joseph Boismortier:  
Trio, op.50/6 in D major    /    Concerto, op.37 in E minor
Camerata Instrumentale der Hamburger Telemann-Gesellschaft  
(Burghard Schaeffer, flute - Hermann Tottcher, oboe - Thomas Brandis, violin - Fritz Henker, bassoon - Josef Ulsamer -&- Heinrich Haferland, viola da gamba's - Edwin Koch, 'cello - Karl Grebe, harpsichord )
DGG Archive  SAPM 198 031  STEREO  Original 1960 pressing  Not on CD 
4 files zip FLAC  @

Richard Rodgers. Victory at Sea - RCA Victor Orchestra / Robert Russell Bennett - RCA 1959

Richard Rodgers (arr. Robert Russell Bennett):
"Victory at Sea"     
Orchestral Suite from the NBC Television Production  
Side One:  The Song of the High Seas  ~ The Pacific Boils Over  ~ Guadalcanal (March)  ~ D-Day  ~ Hard Work and Horse-Play
Side Two:  Theme of the Fast Carriers  ~ Beneath the Southern Cross  ~ Mare Nostrum  ~ Victory at Sea
2 files zip FLAC  Mega Download
The RCA Victor Symphony Orchestra  conducted by  Robert Russell Bennett   
RCA  SF 5092  STEREO   Original 1960 Decca LP - Matrices: K2RY1076 -1D / K2RY1077 -1D        Sleeve-note >>> 

Dmitri Shostakovich plays... Shostakovich. Piano Concertos 1 & 2 (French National / Cluytens) & 3 Fantastic Dances - EMI 1958

Dmitri Shostakovich:
Piano Concerto no.1 in C major for Piano, Trumpet & Strings, op.35  
Piano Concerto no.2 in F major, op.102    
Three Fantastic Dances, op.5    
3 files zip WAV  ZS Download 
Dmitri Shostakovich, piano - Ludovic Vaillant, trumpet - French National Radio Orchestra  conducted by  Andre Cluytens  
EMI/World Records  SH 293   1979 LP (first UK release)  Matrices: XLX 779 -2 / XLX 778 -2.
Recorded 24-26/30 May / 12 September 1958 - Salle Wagram, Paris  (mono only)
Transfer level is slightly lower than normal (although the recorder peaked @ 0dB) - and the LP sound wasn't exactly 'master-tape'; also with some tape compression/modulation..     Sleeve-note / 1962 EMG review >>>

The Busch String Quartet: Beethoven Late String Quartets: "The Case of The Missing Frequencies"..(and The Stolen Scan)...and My Files..???

Some of you may recall (long ago) that Andrew Rose stated my transfer of the BBC Radio 3
RPO-Sargent -Vaughan Williams Sym.9  only went up to 'about 13kHz' - when it demonstrably went to the cut-off frequency of 15kHz (graph to prove it..).

Now, if you have nothing better to spend your money on, you can give him up to FORTY QUID for his copy of, presumably, most of the 1985 Beethoven: Busch Quartet LP box-set (he states the pressings were German - so one must **assume they weren't the previous World Records release: and, by 1985, it's possible/likely they were 'Digital Remastered' - as well as being 'DMM' pressed).
(**If they were a previous EMI Electrola release then, typically, they would be filtered more than the EMI Hayes masterings)

Mr Pristine's Newletter - link

PS: The Black & White photo of the Busch Quartet in his Newsletter has been copied from MY 2012 SCAN from the Booklet
Maybe he stole my files too ???!!!!

He's claiming these 'stunning' transfers of his (his? - he's merely copied someone else's efforts) go up to 18-19kHz...with a vague claim that some 'azimuth error' correction has 'revealed' those frequencies..

And this from the Comedian who noise-reduces (resolution-reduces- then Treble-Boosts) everything in sight!

So here's a Competition for any MUGS who buy them: FIND THOSE EHF FREQUENCIES - as most files were cut-off/limited by Anthony Griffith / Keith Hardwick's transfers to about 9kHz at best - and only (SIDE GRAPH >>>) did I (quickly) find one above that: the last Qt from 1933 - on an energetic chord...and the PU Cartridges I used were CD-4 compatible - thus will trace frequencies @ nearly 4 times that c.10.6kHz level.

My (free...) 2012 transfers of all the 1985 EMI Germany box-set SQ recordings + CBS op.130 @

Of course..there are plenty of CRETINS around:
Here's one:

Ha Ha Ha   " The GROC transfers from EMI were not bad, but  Andrew Rose's are better, with more “air” around the slightly warmer sound. It is excellent to have these really great performances from the 1930s (with a couple of early 1940s) in the best possible transfers".

So there you have it: 'best possible' means 'reduced resolution and boosted treble'.

No need for me to bother, is there??

Aeolian String Quartet / Leonard Cassini play... Elgar. Piano Quintet / Bax. Legend - Delta/Revolution 1963

Sir Edward Elgar:
Piano Quintet in A minor, op.84   
I: Moderato - Allegro  ~  II: Adagio  ~  III: Moderato - Allegro       
Sir Arnold Bax:  Legend, for Viola and Piano             
2 files zip FLAC   Mega Download
The Aeolian String Quartet  with  Leonard Cassini,  piano  
(Sydney Humphreys  &  Raymond Keenlyside, violins - Watson Forbes, viola - Derek Simpson, 'cello)
Revolution  RCB 8   STEREO  1970 CBS UK pressing/matrices: REVB 8x -3E / REVB 8y -2E.  Originally: mono Delta  DEL 12024      Not on CD
CD-RW transfer.  Slight de-click (1.4) + slight treble enhancement.  The sound is very 'dead' and rather 'smoothed' - not to the standard of the RVW/Elgar.  The performance of the Quintet is mostly quite gentle/subdued...the Bax is pretty ghastly!!    Sleeve-note / EMG review >>>

John Shirley-Quirk sings... Vaughan Williams. Songs of Travel, etc + Ireland / Stanford / Keel / Warlock - Saga 1962

Ralph Vaughan Williams:  Songs of Travel
(The Vagabond - Let Beauty Awake - The Roadside Fire - Youth and Love - In Dreams - The Infinite Shining Heaven - Wither must I wander -
Bright is the King of Words - I have trod the upward and downward slope)

Ralph Vaughan Williams:  Linden Lea  ~  Silent Noon
John Ireland:  Sea Fever      /      Charles Villiers Stanford:  Drake's Drum  ~  The Old Superb
Frederick Keel:  Trade Winds     /     Peter Warlock:  Captain Stratton's Fancy
4 files zip FLAC  Mega Download      
John Shirley-Quirk, Baritone  &  Viola Tunnard, piano   
SAGA  XID 5211  c.1964 pressing - original XIP 7011 matrices.  Recorded: c.1962 - SAGA Studio, Maresfield Gardens, London.
Treble increased due to limited HF (Shirley-Quirk's voice isn't always too clear): the piano playing (Chappell Boudoir Grand, apparently) is rather felicitous..  Very slight background crackles are occasionally evident - though vast hundreds have been individually removed....         Sleeve-note >>>

24/96: Aeolian String Quartet play... Elgar. Quartet -&- Vaughan Williams. Quartet 1 - Delta/Summit 1963

Sir Edward Elgar:  String Quartet in E minor, op.83
I: Allegro moderato  ~  II: Piacevole (Poco andante)  ~  III: Finale (Allegro molto)   
16/44 FLAC  Mega Download             24/96 XR FLAC  Mega Download

Ralph Vaughan Williams:  String Quartet no.1 in G minor
I: Allegro moderato  ~  II: Minuet and Trio  ~  III: Romance (Andante sostenuto)  ~  IV: Finale (Rondo capriccioso)  
16/44 FLAC  Mega Download              24/96 XR FLAC  Mega Download
The Aeolian String Quartet     
(Sydney Humphreys  &  Raymond Keenlyside, violins - Watson Forbes, viola - Derek Simpson, 'cello)
Summit  TLS 6052   STEREO   Scarce c.1966 LP.  Originally: mono Delta  DEL 12025; RVW reissued c.1970 (Revolution RCB 20).     Not on CD   
Excellent performances in very good sound (have resisted the temptation to slightly 'brighten' them).
Quite smooth-surfaced 'anon' pressing, but with numerous 'blips' that needed editing-away.   The 1933 Stratton Qt version of Elgar St.Qt. is on  HISTORICAL       Sleeve-note >>>

24/96: Khachaturian. Piano Concerto - Peter Katin / LSO / Hugo Rignold - Everest 1960

Aram Khachaturian:  Piano Concerto, in D flat
I: Allegro maestoso  ~  II: Andante con anima  ~  II: Allegro brillante   
Peter Katin, piano  - London Symphony Orchestra  conducted by  Hugo Rignold 
2 files 16/44 zip FLAC  Mega Download   
2 files 24/96 zip XR FLAC  Mega Download 
Concert Hall  SMSC 2534  (originally: Everest SDBR 3055)  1969 Philips UK pressing/Turicaphon Swiss matrices.  
Recorded: 10 November 1959 - Walthamstow Assembly Hall
This scintillating performance (the piano has extra percussive clarity as its lid was removed..) is recently mentioned by Christopher Howell
in a retrospective of Hugo Rignold recordings (including the Rachmaninov: Moiseiwitsch + Prokofiev: 'Cinderella', hereabouts..).
But this isn't the rubbish Khachaturian transfer alluded to; in fact this one's quite superb!!  The tape-to-disc sound is very good (slightly more treble detail than EMI's 1963 WRC transfer of 'Gayeneh' - LSO/Fistoulari) and a new/immaculately pressed LP; so the files should be 99.999% flawless....      Sleeve-note >>>

Peter Katin ~ London Philharmonic / Boult - Rachmaninov. Piano Concerto 1 -&- Tchaikovsky. Concert Fantasia - Decca 1958

Sergei Rachmaninov:  Piano Concerto no.1 in F sharp minor, op.1 
I:  Vivace  ~  II:  Andante  ~  III:  Allegro vivace
FLAC  Mega Download
Peter Tchaikovsky:  "Concert Fantasia", op.56        
I:  Quasi rondo  ~  II:  Contrastes
FLAC  Mega Download
Peter Katin, piano  - London Philharmonic Orchestra  conducted by  Sir Adrian Boult  
Decca  SDD 188   STEREO  1972 LP/1968 matrices: ZAL 4061 -2W / ZAL 4062 -3W    Recorded: 17-19 February 1958 - Kingsway Hall.
Christopher Howell's July 2011 MusicWeb review  ( brownie-points for that honest review!! ).
Feb.2011 WAV's ... 11 Sept.2011 re-post/edited. Edited again: January 2014       Sleeve-note >>>  

24/96: Robert Irving presents... "Musical Merry-Go-Round" - Sinfonia of London - HMV 1961

Side One:  Rodgers; arr.Gamley: The Carousel Waltz  /  Ibert: Clowns' Dance  /  Saguet: Visions d'Art  /  Stravinsky: Circus Polka  /
Khachaturian: 'Masquerade' - Waltz
24/96  XR FLAC  Mega Download
Side Two:  Oscar Strauss; arr: Banks: La Ronde  /  Don Banks: Coney Island  /  Mussorgsky: Gopak /  Gamley: Prater Fest  / 
Smetana: 'Bartered Bride' - Dance of the Comedians
24/96  XR FLAC  Mega Download
2 files zip 16/44 FLAC  Mega Download
The Sinfonia of London  conducted by  Douglas Gamley -&- Robert Irving 
HMV  CSD 1333  STEREO  Original 1961 LP/matrices: 2YEA 495 -2 / 2YEA 496 -2        Excellent playing by the Orchestra.     Sleeve-note >>>

24/96: Einem - Herzog / Fricsay ... Blacher - Haefliger / Drolc Qt... Egk - Seefried / Egk - DGG 1962

Gottfried von Einem:  Piano Concerto, op.20
24/96 XR FLAC  Mega Download                    16/44 FLAC   Mega Download
Gerty Herzog, piano  - Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra  conducted by  Ferenc Fricsay   
Boris Blacher:  "Thirteeen ways of looking at a blackbird", op.54      - Ernst Haefliger, Tenor  - Drolc Quartet         
Werner Egk:  "Quattro Canzoni"       - Irmgard Seefried, Soprano  - Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra  conducted by  Werner Egk 
2 files zip 24/96 XR FLAC  Mega Download                      2 files zip 16/44 FLAC   Mega Download
Deutsche Grammophon  SLPM 138 759   STEREO  1962 LP/matrices: Jan.1962/Sept.1961.   Einem: Recorded: 7 Feb.1961. 
Egk: treble slightly increased (is/was on CD).      EMG review / Sleeve-note >>>  

Barbirolli / Halle - Vaughan Williams. Symphony 2 - PYE 1958

Ralph Vaughan Williams:
Symphony no.2.  "A London Symphony"    
I:  Lento - Allegro risoluto  ~  II:  Lento  ~  III:  Scherzo (Nocturne) Allegro vivace  ~
IV:  Andante con moto - Maestoso alla marcia (quasi lento) - Allegro - Lento - Epilogue (Andante sostenuto)
FLAC Mega Download
The Halle Orchestra  conducted by  Sir John Barbirolli     
PYE  CCL 30134  1959 LP/matrices: APL.0070 -1W / APL.0071 -4W   
(not Stereo until the feeble 1965 'Golden Guinea')    Recorded: 28-29 Dec 1957 - Free Trade Hall, Manchester
1936 Henry Wood recording on HISTORICAL     EMG review / sleeve-note >>>

Gina Bachauer plays... Rachmaninov. Piano Concerto 3 - HMV 1957

Sergei RachmaninovPiano Concerto no.3 in D minor, op.30
IAllegro ma non troppo  ~  II:  Intermezzo (Adagio)   ~  III:  Finale (Alla breve)    
2 files zip WAV  Mega Download
Gina Bachauer, piano  - London Orchestra  conducted by  Alec Sherman 
HMV  CLP 1138    First edition 1957 LP/matrices: 2XEA 995 -3N / 2XEA 996 -4N    
Recorded: 10 May 1956 - EMI Studio 1, Abbey Road
Rather un-magical orchestral/piano-playing. The overall sound-balance is less than convincing/detailed (with artificial reverb?)  However, at least the last movement 'comes alive'...
Not on CD     EMG review  >>>

Wilhelm Schuchter / Philharmonia - Kodaly. Hary Janos / Dohnanyi. Ruralia Hungarica - Parlophone 1955

Zoltan Kodaly:  "Hary Janos" - suite    
Ernst Dohnanyi:  "Ruralia Hungarica", op.32b  - suite          
2 files zip FLAC  Mega Download
The Philharmonia Orchestra  conducted by  Wilhelm Schüchter  
Parlophone  PMC 1017   1955 LP/matrices: 2XMG 45 -1N / 2XMG 46 -1N   
Recorded: 31 Dec.1952 / 1 Jan.1953  -&-  10 Nov./ 31 Dec.1952                 Not on CD
'Hary Janos' receives a laid-back performance. The gorgeous 'Ruralia Hungarica' has very fine playing.
This original LP chosen instead of the 1966 MFP reissue (MFP2042: first got 45years back..) due to the greater depth/ambience - though with less treble clarity.         Sleeve-note >>>

Joseph Levine / Ballet Theatre - Bernstein. Fancy Free / Copland. Rodeo - Capitol 1952

Leonard Bernstein:  "Fancy Free" - Ballet
Aaron Copland:  "Rodeo" - Ballet   
Buckaroo Holiday ~ Corral Nocturne ~ Honky Tonk Interlude/Saturday-night Waltz ~ Hoe-Down
2 files zip WAV  Mega Download
Ballet Theatre Orchestra  conducted by  Joseph Levine  
Capitol  P 8196   1959 EMI LP / Capitol US matrices: P1 8196 D-17 / P2 8196 D-15.   Rec: 13 October 1952    
Sophisticated performances ('Rodeo' sounding especially good) with nice solo playing.  This LP was mastered at quite a low level.    
Not on CD     EMG reviews / sleeve-note >>>

Robert Irving conducts... Facade / Horoscope (LSO) -&- Lambert / Bliss / Gordon (ROHO) - Decca 1953 / HMV 1956

William Walton:  "Facade" - Suites 1 & 2                        
Constant Lambert:  "Horoscope" - Ballet Suite 
London Symphony Orchestra  conducted by  Robert Irving 
Decca  LXT 2791   1953 LP/matrices:  ARL1582 -1A / ARL1583 -1A   (heavily-edited 'problematic' vinyl...)
Recorded: 10/27 March 1953 + 26-27 February 1953 - Kingsway Hall
Constant Lambert:  "Horoscope" - Valse for the Gemini  /  Arthur Bliss:  "Adam Zero" - Dance of Summer  
Gavin Gordon:  "The Rake's Progress" -  Sarabande & Orgy     5 files zip WAV  Mega Download
Royal Opera House Orchestra, Covent Garden  conducted by  Robert Irving     (Very fine playing/sound)
HMV  HQM 1078  (from CLP 1070). 1967 matrix: 2XEA 2916 -1.   (Sleeve-note: Lambert, linked below)
Not on CD.   On Historical: Lambert conducts Horoscope    Walton conducts Facade     EMG reviews (Walton on this blog) / sleeve-note >>>

Pierre Monteux / Paris Conservatoire - Stravinsky. Le Sacre du Printemps - Decca/RCA 1957

Igor Stravinsky:  "The Rite of Spring"
Part One:  The Fertility of the Earth    /    Part Two:  The Sacrifice   
2 files zip WAV  Mega Download
Paris Conservatoire Orchestra  conducted by  Pierre Monteux  
RCA  RB 16007  1957 Decca pressing/matrices: G2RP 9807/D -1A / G2RP 9808/D -1A.   
Recorded: 2,5,6,11 November 1956 - Salle Wagram, Paris.
This LP deleted 1962. John Culshaw's mono taping N/A for some 45years. Side 2 transferred by ~+0.5dB (also a bit more 'transparent'). Carefully edited WAV's of 'rather quiet' vinyl.  Any remaining 'surface-noise'  almost exclusively @ the stylus/groove contact level - so have shelved plans for additionally de-clicked FLAC's..  
Sleeve-note / EMG review /  "The Times" 1913  review of Monteux's 'Sacre' @ Drury Lane >>>

Ernest Ansermet / Suisse Romande - Stravinsky. Petrushka -&- Fire Bird - Decca 1949/1950

Igor Stravinsky:  "Fire Bird"  - suite 1910/1919
Introduction & Dance of the Fire Bird  ~ Dance of the Princesses  ~ Dance of King Kastchei  ~ Lullaby  ~ Finale       WAV  Mega Download
Decca  ACL 78    1960 LP/c.1958 matrix: ARL 1808 -2Dr     
Igor Stravinsky:  "Petrushka"  - Ballet 1911  
Side One:  First Tableau: The Shrovetide Fair   /   Second Tableau: In Petrushka's Room
Side Two:  Third Tableau: In the Moor's Room   /  Fourth Tableau: The Shrovetide Fair (evening)
LXT 2502  +   ACL 31      4 files zip FLAC  Mega Download
L'Orchestre de la Suisse Romande  conducted by  Ernest Ansermet 
Decca  LXT 2502    1952 LP/1949 'Wax' matrices: ARL 222 -3AW / ARL 223 -5AW 
Decca  ACL 31   1958/9 LP/1958 matrices: ARL 222 -1Dr / ARL 223 -2Dr    Rec: Oct.1950 (Fire Bird) -&- 29-30 Nov 1949 - Victoria Hall, Geneva
(LXT 2502: CBS EQ / RIAA playback.  ACL 31 has greater 'clarity'/lower distortion (see comments..).  LXT sleeve-note / EMG reviews  >>>

Roger Desormiere / Paris Conservatoire - Ibert. Divertissement -&- Poulenc. Les Biches - Decca 1951

Jacques Ibert:  "Divertissement" - for Chamber Orchestra             
(Introduction - Cortege - Nocturne - Valse - Parade - Finale)
Francis Poulenc:  "Les Biches" - Ballet suite 
(Rondeau - Chanson dansee - Adagietto - Rag-Mazurka - Andantino - Finale)
2 files zip WAV  Mega Download
L'Orchestre de la Societe des Concerts du Conservatoire de Paris  conducted by  Roger Desormiere
Decca  ACL 189    1963 LP/matrices: ARL 1798 -4Kr / ARL 1280 -2Kr.  
Recorded: 15-20 June 1951 - La Maison de la Mutualite, Paris.    
This is one of the finest Decca LP's; the Poulenc, especially, being quite superb for performance/sound-quality...         Sleeve-note >>>

Ljuba Welitsch sings... "Salome" / Mozart / Strauss / Puccini - Reiner / Rudolf - CBS 1949/1950

Side One: Richard Strauss:  "Salome", op.54 - Final Scene
Mozart:  "Don Giovanni" - Or sai chi l'onore  (with Alessio De Paolis, Tenor)  / ..Non mi dir, bell' idol mio
Side Two: Puccini:  "Tosca" - Quagl' occhio al mondo  (with Richard Tucker, Tenor)  /  Vissi d'arte  
Johann Strauss:  "Die Fledermaus" - Klänge der Heimat  /  "Der Zigeunerbaron" - So elend und so treu
Metropolitan Opera Orchestra  conducted by  Fritz Reiner  /  Max Rudolf (s.2)                       6 files zip WAV  Mega Download
CBS Classics 61088  c.1982 UK LP/recut matrices: A2 / B1    Rec: 14/3/1949 - 10 Feb.1950 - 23/3/1950  
Ljuba Welitsch... Austrian Radio 1944  /  Columbia 1947-8  /  Decca 1950  
Richard Strauss: "Salome" - Final Scene (1944/48)    /   Tchaikovsky: "Eugene Onegin"   /   Verdi: "Aida"
Puccini: "Tosca" / "La Boheme"    //   Tchaikovsky: "The Queen of Spades"   /   Verdi: "Un Ballo in Maschera"
Lehar: "Zigeunerliebe" / "Die Lustige Witwe" / "Der Zarewitsch"   /   Millocker: "Grafin Dubarry"
FLAC/WAV files @                   CBS sleeve-note/EMG reviews >>> 

Richard Strauss. "Salome" - Wiener Symphoniker / Rudolf Moralt - Philips 1953

Richard Strauss:  "Salome"  - A Music Drama in One Act  (1905)
Salome............................ Walburga WegnerSoprano  
Jochanaan........................... Josef Metternich,  Baritone
Herodes................................ Laszlo Szemere,  Tenor
Herodias................................. Georgine von Milinkovic,  Mezzo-Soprano
Narraboth.................................. Waldemar Kmentt,  Tenor
Ein Page...................................... Dagmar Hermann,  Contralto
Erster Nazarener / Ein Cappadocier......... Oskar Czerwenka,  Bass
Zweiter Nazarener............................... Walter Berry,  Bass
Erster Soldat....................................... Adolf Vogel,  Bass
Zweiter Soldat........................................ Harald Proglhoff,  Bass
Ein Sklave................................................ Dorothea Frass,  Soprano
Erster Jude................................................. August Jaresch,  Tenor
Zweiter Jude.................................................. Fritz Sperlbauer,  Tenor
Dritter Jude..................................................... William Wernigk,  Tenor
Vierter Jude....................................................... Erich Majkut,  Tenor
Funfter Jude......................................................... Ljubomir Pantscheff,  Bass
Vienna Symphony Orchestra  conducted by  Rudolf Moralt   
Side 1: Scenes 1,2,3  /  Side 2: Scenes 3,4  /  Side 3: Scene 4/Salome's Dance  /   Side 4: Scene 4     
4 files zip WAV   Mega Download
Philips  6747 406 (2LP's)  c.1979 Dutch pressings/matrices: 1/2/1/1  (originally: Philips A 00163/64 L)
Recorded: December 1952.    1954 'Die Zeit' review - pdf available      1954 3pp booklet notes/EMG reviews >>>

Khachaturian. Violin Concerto - Igor Oistrakh / Philharmonia / Goossens - Columbia 1954

Aram Khachaturian:  
Violin Concerto in D minor  (1940)  
I:  Allegro con fermezzo - Cadenza (by David Oistrakh) - Tempo I  ~
II:  Andante sostenuto  ~  III:  Allegro vivace
2 files zip WAV  Mega Download
Igor Oistrakh, violin  ~ The Philharmonia Orchestra  conducted by  Eugene Goossens  
EMI / Music for Pleasure  MFP 2050   (1954 issue: Columbia 33CX 1141)
1966 LP/matrices: XAX448 -3 / XAX449 -3.   Recorded: 2 December 1953 - EMI Studio 1, Abbey Road.
Slightly 'cleaner' sound than the original 1954 matrices.   Not on CD   Re-edited: Dec.2013   33CX sleeve-note/MFP sleeve >>>

Hoffnung Music Festival - EMI STEREO 1956 ... Hoffnung. A Last Encore, etc ... Michael Bentine. It's a Stereophonic World - BBC 1953-1958/1962

Side One:  Speech by Mr T.E.Bean  /  Francis BainesFanfare  /   Malcolm ArnoldA Grand Grand Overture  (Dennis Brain, organ)   /    
L. MozartConcerto for hosepipe & strings  (Dennis Brain, hosepipe)  // Franz Reizenstein:  Concerto Populare  (Yvonne Arnaud, piano)
Side Two:  Haydn arr: Donald Swann: "Symphony no.94 - The Surprise"  /  Speech by Gerard Hoffnung  /   
Chopin arr: Daniel Abrams: Mazurka no.47  //  Humphrey Searle:  'Lochinvar'  (Yvonne Arnaud & Gerard Hoffnung, reciters)  / 
Gordon JacobVariations on "Annie Laurie"                     4 files zip STEREO FLAC  Mega Download
HMV  SLS 870  (3LP set: bought 1974)   Recorded: 13 November 1956.  Matrices: YAX4575/4576 -1  
Re-edited: December 2013    EMI 1989 CDs are only in MONO for the 1956/1958 concerts.   

Gerard Hoffnung: The 1958 Oxford Union speech  /  The Charles Richardson interviews  /  "My Life" - "Film Fun" - "Talking about Music" 
2002 BBC Cassette set - "A Last Encore"   (via Bang & Olufsen Beocord 8004)  6 files zip FLAC  Mega Download 
2 scans from the EMI booklet + BBC notes + Decca LF 1330  'Oxford Union' cover/sleeve-note >>>  ....................................................................................................  
Charles Chilton. "It's a Stereophonic World" - BBC 1962.    
Michael Bentine presents an experiment in sound for "people with ears six feet apart". 
A series of comic sketches written by The Goon Show co-founder with John Law and produced by Charles Chilton. 
Starring  Ronnie Barker, Leon Thau & Delia Corrie - with the BBC Northern Dance Orchestra.
BBC 4extra internet-stream - January 2014                         STEREO FLAC  Mega Download 
First broadcast 22 September 1962 on Network 3 as part of the BBC's experimental stereo transmissions.   "The Times" - Sept.1962 >>>

Britten. Frank Bridge Variations (Boyd Neel) ... Soirees -&- Matinees Musicales (Edgar Cree) - Decca 1953/4

Britten:  Variations on a Theme of Frank Bridge, op.10 **
Boyd Neel String Orchestra  conducted by  Boyd Neel 
Rossini, arr: Britten:  Soirees musicales, op.9 
Rossini, arr: Britten:   Matinees musicales, op.24
New Symphony Orchestra  conducted by  Edgar Cree  
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Decca  ACL 229  1964 LP/matrices: ARL 6241 -2A / ARL 6242 -2A
Recorded: 15 April 1953 / 29 Sept.1954 - Decca West Hampstead Studios.  Original issues: Decca LXT2790 / London W91075
(**) March 2012 file: re-edited. 'Musicales' aren't overly analytical recordings.. The same transfer equipment used.       Sleeve-note >>>