29 Apr 2017

24/48: Ruggerio Ricci / Ernest Lush - Virtuoso Showpieces - Decca 1959

WieniawskiScherzo-Tarantelle, op.16   /   ElgarLa Capricieuseop.17   /   VecseyLe Vent
KrollBanjo & Fiddle   /   Chopin /tr.Milstein: Nocturne, no.20   /   SmetanaFrom my Homelandno.2 in G minor  

SukBurleskaop.17/4    /   Aachron /tr.Zimbalist: Hebrew Melody   /   SarasateJota Aragonesa, op.27
Hubay: The Zephyr, op.30/5     /   Moszkowski /tr.Sarasate: Guitareop.45/  /   BazziniLa Ronde de Lutinsop.25  

Ruggiero Ricciviolin   - Ernest Lushpiano
Decca   ECS 595   1978 pressing.  Recorded: 5,7,9 May 1958 - Studio 1, West Hampstead
16/24 bit FLAC files @  http://pristineclassics.blogspot.co.uk
contributions - April 2017...£20...$50...£30...£10...£5  

27 Mar 2017

Jan Hus Tichy / Prague National - Tchaikovsky. Mazeppa, Eugene Onegin, Joan of Arc, Pique Dame - Supraphon 1962

Peter Tchaikovsky:  "Mazeppa"  Act Two  - Josef Heriban  
"Eugene Onegin"  Acts Two & Three  - Ivo Zidek  /  Eduard Haken  /  Milada Subrtova  &  Premsyl Koci   
"Joan of Arc"  Act One  - Eva Zikmundova  
"Pique Dame"  Act One  - Beno Blachut,  Drahomira Tikalova,  Vera Krilova  
"Pique Dame"  Act Two   - Vera Krilova  /  Jindrach Jindrak
8 files zip FLAC   Mega Download   
Prague National Theatre Orchestra  conducted by  Jan Hus Tichy  
Supraphon  SUAST 50469  c.1964 LP/matrices: E159 -A / E160 -A    Recorded: c.1961       NOT ON CD      EMG review / sleeve-notes >>>
Excellent clean sound ....mildly 'tickly' surfaces. Uploaded as got some contributions (not continuing this lark for Nuffink!).. 

6 Feb 2017

Clemens Krauss / Vienna Philharmonic - Richard Strauss. Salome - Decca 1954

Richard Strauss:  "Salome", op.54  - A Music Drama in One Act  (1905)
Salome........................ Christel Goltz,  Soprano   
Jochanaan..................... Hans Braun,  Baritone
Herodes........................ Julius Patzak,  Tenor
Herodias......................... Margareta Kenney,  Mezzo-Soprano
Narraboth......................... Anton Dermota,  Tenor
Ein Page............................ Else Schurhoff,  Soprano
Erster Nazarener.................... Ludwig Weber,  Bass
Zweiter Nazarener.................... Harald Proglhoff,  Bass
Erster Soldat............................ Walter Berry,  Bass
Zweiter Soldat............................ Herbert Alsen,  Bass
Ein Cappadocier............................ Ljubomir Pantscheff,  Bass
Ein Sklave..................................... Hermann Gallos,  Tenor
Erster Jude..................................... Rudolf Christ,  Tenor
Zweiter Jude...................................... Hugo Meyer-Welfing,  Tenor
Dritter Jude......................................... Kurt Preger,  Baritone
Vierter Jude.......................................... Murray Dickie,  Tenor
Funfter Jude............................................ Franz Bierbach,  Bass
Wiener Philharmoniker  conducted by  Clemens Krauss   
4 files zip FLAC Mega Download     FLAC  (Side 4 - Final scene + preceding 4mins)  Mega Download
Decca  ACL 207-8  (LXT 2863/4)   1965 set. c.1958 matrices: ARL2101-4 -2DR/-1DR/-2DR/-2DR.     Recorded: 15-21 March 1954 - Musikvereinsaal, Vienna
CD-RW: original surfaces/no auto-declick..    ACL 208 cover/sleeve-note >>>     Philips 1952 Salome - VSO/Moralt >>>      Ljuba Welitsch - Final scene - 1949 + 1944/1948 >>>

13 Jan 2017

Maria Callas / Tullio Serafin - Donizetti. Lucia di Lammermoor - EMI 1953

Gaetano Donizetti:  "Lucia di Lammermoor"
Lucia............................ Maria Callas,  Soprano  
Edgardo.......................... Guiseppe di Stefano,  Tenor 
Enrico.............................. Tito Gobbi,  Baritone
Raimondo............................ Rapphaele Arie,  Bass
Arturo.............................. Valiano Natali,  Tenor
Alisa................................. Anna Maria Canali,  Mezzo-Soprano
Normanno............................ Gino Sarri,  Tenor
Orchestra & Chorus of "Maggio Musicale Fiorentino"  conducted by  Tullio Serafin   
16/44 FLAC:  ACT ONE  Mega Download          ACT TWO  Mega Download         ACT THREE  Mega Download  
HMV  SLS 5056  (2LP 1977 -1985 set). Matrices: XBX9127-30 -1/-1/-2/-4 (disc 2 c.1982 recut).  Rec: Jan/Feb.1953 -Teatro Comunale, Florence.
Bought recently: CD-quiet surfaces/minimal editing needed. Wonderful performance (especially Act 3) - more idiomatic (esp. the chorus) than the 1960 SAX/33CX version/s.
The second LP appears slightly 'brighter'.  The 'stereo' processing seems pretty good (by David Pickett).    Somewhat unenthusiastic (...) EMG/Record Guide reviews >>>

6 Jan 2017

SXL 6040

Johann Strauss II:  Spanischer Marsch, op.433
Johann Strauss II:  Rosen aus dem Suden - Waltz, op.388
Josef Strauss:  Eingesendet - Polka schnell, op.240
Johann Strauss II:  Du und Du - Waltz, op.367

Eduard Strauss:  Bahn frei - Polka schnell, op.45
Josef Strauss:  Brennende Liebe - Polka mazurka, op.129
Johann Strauss II:  Geschichten aus dem Wienerwald - Waltz, op.325
Johann Strauss II:  Demolirer Polka, op.269
Johann Strauss I:  Radetzky-Marsch, op.228
16/44 WAV    Side One:  Mega Download            Side Two:  Mega Download
Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra  conducted by  Willi Boskovsky  
Decca  SXL 6040   First edition 1963 LP/matrices: ZAL5716/7 -2E/1E.  Recorded: 2-6 November 1962 - Sofiensaal, Vienna.      Sleeve-note >>>
RAW files - un-edited CD-RW transfer: not going to slosh Water'n'Sudso over this BRAND NEW LP - nor edit it for Hours..it's fine ('noise-free') as it is...but may later edit-away the few minor ticks ...or you can do that... 
Utilized (testing) a 'new' Shure V15/III E cartridge [SME Series III arm] from last year: cost much less than mine in '73/4...but it's not superior to an 'everyday' Shure M97HE... 

12 Dec 2016

Owen Brannigan sings... Songs You Remember - Song of the Flea, Mandalay, Linden Lea, etc - HMV 1961

A1:  Song Of The Flea   (bloody good!)
A2-4:  Riding Down From Bangor, Leanin', Clementine
A5:  On The Road To Mandalay
A6-9:  My Bonny, Silent Worship, Vilikins And His Dinah, The Plough Boy

B1-4:  Father O'Flynn, Mr. Maguire, Border Ballad, My Love She's But A Lassie Yet 
B5:  Ten Green Bottles
B6-10:  Yorkshire Coortin' Song, Lancashire Slumber Song, Yarmouth Fair, Linden Lea, Drinking
7 files zip 16/44 FLAC  Mega Download    
Owen Brannigan, Bass  - Ernest Lush, piano   
HMV  CSD 1350   First edition 1961 pressing/matrices: 2YEA529 -1 / 2YEA530 -3     Sleeve-note >>>

6 Dec 2016

Hugo Rignold / Covent Garden Orchestra - Chopin-Jacob. Les Sylphides - Parlophone 1952

Frederic Chopin  (arr: Gordon Jacob):  "Les Sylphides"  - Ballet Music
Prelude in A major, op.28/7 ~ Nocturne in A flat major, op.32/2 ~ Valse in G flat major, op.70/1 ~ Mazurka in D major, op.33/2 ~
Mazurka in C major, op.67/3 ~ Valse in C sharp minor, op.64/2  ~ Prelude in A major, op.28/7 ~ Grande Valse Brillante in E flat major, op.18.   
FLAC  Mega Download
Royal Opera House Orchestra, Covent Garden  conducted by  Hugo Rignold 
Parlophone  PMD 1003 (10")  1956/7 pressing. 1952 matrices: XE25 -1N / XE26 -1N.    Recorded: 29/30 March 1951  
This is a contributors request. The LP was considerably less than 'Hi-Fi' and required much editing/re-EQ  to make it sound presentable!   
Not on CD   EMG + Record Year-2 reviews / Sleeve-note >>>     Rignold Prokofiev Cinderella 1957 >>>    1950 Desormiere Sylphides >>>

27 Nov 2016

Robert Irving / Royal Opera House - Sadler's Wells Ballet Silver Jubilee - HMV 1956

Purcell  arr.Lambert:  "Comus" - Overture & Minuet
Boyce  arr.Lambert:  "Prospect Before Us" - Fugue in D major
Couperin  orch.Jacob:  "Harlequin in the Street" - Allegro
Mendelssohn  orch.Jacob:  "Lord of Burleigh" - Agitato & Allegro vivace
Auber  arr.Lambert:  "Les Rendezvous" - Allegro non troppo & Allegro
Gavin Gordon:  "The Rake's Progress" - Sarabande & Orgy
Liszt  orch.Jacob:  "Apparitions" - Consolation & Galop
Lambert:  "Horoscope" - Valse for the Gemini
Berners:  "Wedding Bouquet" - Tango & Waltz
Bliss:  "Adam Zero" - Dance of Summer
Prokofiev:  "Cinderella" - Waltz & Midnight  
11 files zip FLAC  Mega Download             11 files zip FLAC (1.2 de-click)  Zippy Download     (This scarce LP was 'mint'..)   
Royal Opera House Orchestra, Covent Garden  conducted by  Robert Irving  
EMI Angel  35521  (HMV CLP 1070)  1957 EMI pressing/matrices: 2XEA886 -2N / 2XEA887-2N.     Not on CD     HQM 1078 reissue  (Gordon/Lambert/Bliss)    Sleeve-note >>>

17 Nov 2016

Sir Malcolm Sargent / BBC Symphony Orchestra - Rachmaninov. Symphony 3 - HMV 1954

Sergei Rachmaninov:  Symphony no.3 in A minor, op.44
I: Allegro moderato  ~  II: Adagio ma non troppo  ~  III: Allegro  

FLAC  Mega Download            FLAC (1.2 de-click)  Zippy Download   (groove 'fizzle' necessitated a NOS Shure M97G 'nude' spherical)

BBC Symphony Orchestra  conducted by  Sir Malcolm Sargent

EMI Music for Pleasure  MFP 2078  (HMV ALP 1118)  1968 LP/matrices: 2XEA402 -5 / 2XEA403 -3.  Rec: 5 May 1953 - EMI Studio 1 Abbey Road.
Not on CD.  ('Guild' 2015 dub)    CD-RW transfer.   Sleeve-note / EMG reviews >>>  

12 Nov 2016

Serge Koussevitzky / Boston S.O. - Brahms. Symphony 3 .. Tchaikovsky. Romeo & Juliet .. R.Strauss. Don Juan .. Hanson. Serenade - RCA Victor 1936/1945-7

Peter Tchaikovsky:  "Romeo & Juliet" - Fantasy Overture 
(28 Dec.1936)
Johannes Brahms:  Symphony no.3 in F majorop.90   (2 Jan.1945)  
IAllegro con brio  ~  IIAndante  ~  III:  Poco Allegretto  ~  IVAllegro
Richard Strauss:  "Don Juan"op.20  (29 Oct.1947) 
Howard Hanson:  Serenadeop.35  
Georges Laurent, flute, Bernard Zinghera, harp    (25 Nov.1947) 
Boston Symphony Orchestra  conducted by  Serge Koussevitzky    
RCA  LVM2 7510  (2LP 1974)  UK pressing/matrices.  
FLAC files @  http://musicparlourhistorical.blogspot.co.uk      

8 Oct 2016

24/48: Richard Wagner. "Siegfried" Act One - Lauritz Melchior - HMV 1929/1931

Richard Wagner:   "Siegfried"
1. Musical Motifs - London Symphony Orchestra  conducted by  Lawrance Collingwood   
Act 1, Scenes 1 and 2   2. Prelude ... 3. Zwangvolle Plage! ... 4. Hoiho! Hoiho! Hau ein! ... 5. Das ist nun der Liebe ... 6. Jammernd verlangen Junge ... 7. Soll ich der Kunde glauben ... 8. Heil dir, weiser Schmied! ,,, 9. Dein Haupt pfand'ich ... 10. Viel, Wanderer, weisst du mir
Heinrich Tessmer (Mime)  /  Lauritz Melchior (Siegfried)  /  Friedrich Schorr (Wanderer)   
London Symphony Orchestra  conducted by  Robert Heger
Act 1, Scene 3   11. Fuhltest du nie im finstren Wald ... 12. Nothung! Nothung! Neidlicher Schwert! ... 13. Hei weiser Wanderer ... 14. Er schafft sich ein scharfes Schwert
Albert Reiss (Mime)  /  Lauritz Melchior (Siegfried)   London Symphony Orchestra  conducted by  Albert Coates          
HMV Album  no.172 (38sides) Act One - 14 sides   FLAC files @  http://themusicparlour78.blogspot.co.uk

20 Aug 2016

Bliss. Piano Concerto / Mewton-Wood ... Tippett. Double Strings Concerto / Walter Goehr - Concert Hall / HMV 1952

Michael Tippett:  Concerto for Double String Orchestra  (1939)     FLAC Mega Download  
The Philharmonia Orchestra  conducted by  Walter Goehr   
EMI Music for Pleasure  MFP 2069  1967 LP/matrix: XEA642 -2.  Recorded: 3 March 1952   

Arthur Bliss:  Piano Concerto in B flat major  (1939)           FLAC  Mega Download
IAllegro con brio  ~  IIAdagietto  ~  IIIAndante maestoso - Molto vivace
Noel Mewton-Wood, piano  - Utrecht Symphony Orchestra  conducted by  Walter Goehr   
Nixa  CLP 1167   (Concert Hall CHS 1167)   1953 LP/RCA Matrices: E2KP 6991-1C / E2KP 6992-1B. 'A2'   Recorded: 1952.    
Not on CD.  Nixa MFP sleeve-note / EMG + RG2 reviews >>>  Solomon's 1940 recording 
The Bliss is a stunningly fine performance and in This transfer sounds absolutely splendid. Previously had 2 LP>CD transfers (same matrices) by Bryan Crimp / Mr.Pee - mvt 3 finale sample - who mentions a 'swish' on side 2; actually it's on both groove-walls to virtually the same degree: an unavoidable & very infrequent faint 'rustling' is anyway far preferable to Mr.Pee's "SUPERB" muffled/muddled nasality....absolute Pants, by comparison!

14 Jun 2016

Alexander Gauk / Moscow Radio - Shostakovich. Symphony 6 - MK/Artia 1959

Dmitri Shostakovich:  Symphony no.6 in B minor, op.54
I:  Largo  ~  II:  Allegro  ~  III:  Presto    (the last 2 mvts are the best..)

16/44 FLAC   Mega Download

Moscow Radio Symphony Orchestra  conducted by  Alexander Gauk

ARTIA  ALP-167  (MELODIYA D 4984-5 -10")   1961 US LP.  US mastered: 20 October 1960.    (slightly enhanced treble/'1.3' declick)

Contibutor requested...    CD-RW transfer     NOT ON CD      an MK sleeve / EMG review >>>

13 Feb 2015


I HAD A STROKE SUNDAY MORNING (8TH FEBRUARY) despite being 100% fit beforehand.....paralyzed lh side..am in Hospital...

8 Jul 2014

Carl Garaguly / Tivolis Koncertsals Symphoniorkester - Nielsen. Symphony 2, Little Suite - Fona 1963

Carl Nielsen:
Symphony no.2, op.16  "The Four Temperaments"  
I: Allegro collerico  ~  II: Allegro comodo e flemmatico  ~  III: Andante malinconico  ~  IV: Allegro sanguino
FLAC  Mega Download
Little Suite for string orchestra, op.1   
Prelude: Andante con moto  ~  Intermezzo: Allegro moderato  ~  Finale: Andante con moto - Piu mosso
FLAC  Mega Download  
Tivoli Concert Symphony Orchestra  conducted by  Carl Garaguly 
Vox / Turnabout  TVS 34049   STEREO  1968 Decca release. Matrices: S 2683 -1L / S 2684 -1L
Cleaner tape-to-disc transfer than the US Vox versions - though the recording is somewhat bright (so have marginally treble-enhanced the Suite) but which now sounds excellent and exciting; as also is the performance/orchestra... Recorded: c.1960 ?    Not on CD    Sleeve-note >>>

5 Jun 2014

Richard Rodgers. Victory at Sea - RCA Victor Orchestra / Robert Russell Bennett - RCA 1959

Richard Rodgers (arr. Robert Russell Bennett):
"Victory at Sea"     
Orchestral Suite from the NBC Television Production  
Side One:  The Song of the High Seas  ~ The Pacific Boils Over  ~ Guadalcanal (March)  ~ D-Day  ~ Hard Work and Horse-Play
Side Two:  Theme of the Fast Carriers  ~ Beneath the Southern Cross  ~ Mare Nostrum  ~ Victory at Sea
2 files zip FLAC  Mega Download
The RCA Victor Symphony Orchestra  conducted by  Robert Russell Bennett   
RCA  SF 5092  STEREO   Original 1960 Decca LP - Matrices: K2RY1076 -1D / K2RY1077 -1D        Sleeve-note >>> 

3 Jun 2014

Dmitri Shostakovich plays... Shostakovich. Piano Concertos 1 & 2 (French National / Cluytens) & 3 Fantastic Dances - EMI 1958

Dmitri Shostakovich:
Piano Concerto no.1 in C major for Piano, Trumpet & Strings, op.35  
Piano Concerto no.2 in F major, op.102    
Three Fantastic Dances, op.5    
3 files zip FLAC  Mega Download
Dmitri Shostakovich, piano - Ludovic Vaillant, trumpet - French National Radio Orchestra  conducted by  Andre Cluytens      
EMI/World Records  SH 293   1979 LP (first UK release)  Matrices: XLX 779 -2 / XLX 778 -2.
Recorded: 24-26/30 May / 12 September 1958 - Salle Wagram, Paris  (mono only)
Transfer level is slightly lower than normal (although the recorder peaked @ 0dB) - and the LP sound wasn't exactly 'master-tape'; also with some tape compression/modulation..     Sleeve-note / 1962 EMG review >>>

10 May 2014

The Busch String Quartet: Beethoven Late String Quartets: and "The Case of The Missing Frequencies"....

Some of you may recall (long ago) that Andrew Rose stated my transfer of the BBC Radio 3
RPO-Sargent -Vaughan Williams Sym.9  only went up to 'about 13kHz' - when it demonstrably went to the cut-off frequency of 15kHz (graph to prove it..).

Now, if you have nothing better to spend your money on, you can give him up to FORTY QUID for his copy of, presumably, most of the 1985 Beethoven: Busch Quartet LP box-set (he states the pressings were German - so one must **assume they weren't the previous World Records release: and, by 1985, it's possible/likely they were 'Digital Remastered' - those being 'DMM' pressed).
(**If they were a previous EMI Electrola release then, typically, they would be filtered more than the EMI Hayes masterings)

Mr Pristine's Newletter - link

PS: The Black & White photo of the Busch Quartet in his Newsletter has been copied from MY 2012 SCAN from the Booklet

He's claiming these 'stunning' transfers of his (his? - he's merely copied someone else's efforts) go up to 18-19kHz...with a vague claim that some 'azimuth error' correction has 'revealed' those frequencies..

And this from the Comedian who noise-reduces (resolution-reduces- then Treble-Boosts) everything in sight!

So here's a Competition for any MUGS who buy them: FIND THOSE EHF FREQUENCIES - as most files were cut-off/limited by Anthony Griffith / Keith Hardwick's transfers to about 9kHz at best - and only (SIDE GRAPH >>>) did I (quickly) find one above that: the last Qt from 1933 - on an energetic chord...and the PU Cartridges I used were CD-4 compatible - thus will trace frequencies @ nearly 4 times that c.10.6kHz level.

My (free...) 2012 transfers of all the 1985 EMI Germany DMM box-set SQ recordings + CBS op.130 @

Of course..there are plenty of CRETINS around: Here's one:
Ha Ha Ha   " The GROC transfers from EMI were not bad, but  Andrew Rose's are better, with more “air” around the slightly warmer sound. It is excellent to have these really great performances from the 1930s (with a couple of early 1940s) in the best possible transfers".

So there you have it:
 'best possible' means 'reduced resolution and boosted treble'.
No need for me to bother, is there??



<<< The Adulatory "Fanfare" puff duly appeared!

Pablo Varela (who comments, admiringly,  on Mr Pristine's Facebook posts..)

NB: I very rarely use 'de-click' (same software as mentioned), and then only at the lowest levels possible - as sound-quality quickly becomes degraded... 'de-noiser' - never.

16 Apr 2014

Louis de Froment conducts... Mozart. Clarinet Concerto -&- Sinfonia Concertante - Lancelot, Pierlot, Coursier, Hongne - L'Oiseau-Lyre 1953

Concerto in A major for Clarinet & Orchestra, K.622   Allegro  ~  Adagio  ~  Rondo     (Jacques Lancelot, clarinet)
Sinfonia Concertante in E flat major, K.297b    Allegro  ~  Adagio  ~  Andantino con variazioni    
(Pierre Pierlot, oboe  - Jacques Lancelot, clarinet  - Gilbert Coursier, horn  - Paul Hongne, bassoon) 
2 files zip FLAC  Mega Download
L'Ensemble Orchestral de L'Oiseau-Lyre  conducted by  Louis de Froment  
L'Oiseau-Lyre  OL 50006  
 First Edition 1953 LP/matrices: TT139 -1B / TT140 -1B    Recorded c.1952 - Paris. 
This required lengthy editing (surfaces were full of huge clicks/pops) + slightly de-clicked @ 1.3 + re-equalized (some 'edits' audible in the Clarinet C.).  
Performances are superb.   Not on CD    Sleeve-note / EMG review  >>>

10 Apr 2014

Jeanne Demessieux plays... Cesar Franck. Trois Chorals, Trois pieces, Six pieces - Decca 1959

Vol.1:  Trois pieces:  (1878)   -  Fantasie in A major    /    Cantabile    /    Piece Heroique       //       Choral no.1 in E major  (1890)
4 files zip FLAC  Mega Download
Vol.2: Choral no.2 in B minor  (1890)  //   Six pieces:  (1860-1862)  -  Fantasie in C major, op.16  /   Grande piece Symphonique, op.17  
3 files zip FLAC   Mega Download 
Vol.3: Choral no.3 in A minor  (1890)   //   Six pieces: (1860-1862)  - Priere, op.20  /  Prelude, Fugue et Variation, op.18  /  Pastorale, op.19  /  Final, op.21      
5 files zip FLAC  Mega Download
Cavaille-Coll organ  (1845)  at  L’Eglise de La Madeleine, Paris  - Jeanne Demessieux, organist  
Decca  SDD 202-204   STEREO    Recorded: 1959 - UK issued: 1969 - 1972 pressings/matrices: ZAL 8792-8797 -1K/-1K/-1K/-1K/-1K/-2K 
New discs with minimal de-click  plus slight treble enhancement .   Sleeve-notes + EMG review / SRG Vol.7 review >>>

19 Mar 2014

Aeolian String Quartet / Leonard Cassini play... Elgar. Piano Quintet ... Bax. Legend - Delta/Revolution 1963

Sir Edward ElgarPiano Quintet in A minor, op.84
I: Moderato - Allegro  ~  II: Adagio  ~  III: Moderato - Allegro       
Sir Arnold Bax:  Legend, for Viola and Piano             
2 files zip FLAC   Mega Download
The Aeolian String Quartet  with  Leonard Cassini,  piano  
(Sydney Humphreys  &  Raymond Keenlyside, violins - Watson Forbes, viola - Derek Simpson, 'cello)
Revolution  RCB 8   STEREO  1970 CBS UK pressing/matrices: REVB 8x -3E / REVB 8y -2E.  Originally: mono Delta  DEL 12024      Not on CD
Slight de-click (1.4) + slight added treble. The sound is very 'dead' and rather 'smoothed' - not to the standard of the RVW/Elgar http://pristineclassics.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/2496-aeolian-string-quartet-play-elgar.html 
The performance of the Quintet is mostly quite gentle/subdued...the Bax(music) is pretty ghastly!!    Sleeve-note / EMG review >>>

16 Mar 2014

John Shirley-Quirk sings... Vaughan Williams. Songs of Travel, etc + Ireland - Stanford - Keel - Warlock - Saga 1962

Ralph Vaughan Williams:  Songs of Travel
(The Vagabond - Let Beauty Awake - The Roadside Fire - Youth and Love - In Dreams - The Infinite Shining Heaven - Wither must I wander -
Bright is the King of Words - I have trod the upward and downward slope)
Ralph Vaughan Williams:  Linden Lea  ~  Silent Noon  ~  John Ireland:  Sea Fever  
Charles Villiers Stanford:  Drake's Drum  ~  The Old Superb  ~  Frederick Keel:  Trade Winds  ~   Peter Warlock:  Captain Stratton's Fancy 
3 files zip FLAC  Mega Download     
John Shirley-Quirk, Baritone  &  Viola Tunnard, piano   
SAGA  XID 5211  c.1964 pressing - original XIP 7011 matrices.  Recorded: c.1962 - SAGA Studio, Maresfield Gardens, London.
October 2015: Files now lightly declicked ('1.3') with additional treble.     Sleeve-note >>>

10 Dec 2013

Bretislav Bakala conducts... Leos Janacek. Glagolitic Mass, Lach Dances, Sinfonietta - Supraphon 1950-2

Leos Janacek:  "Lachian Dances"   
I: Ancient I  ~  II: Blessing's Dance  ~  III: Smith Dance  ~  IV: Ancient II  ~  V: Celadensky  ~ VI: Saws Dance
16/44  FLAC  (de-clicked @ '1.3')  Mega Download
Brno Radio Symphony Orchestra  conducted by  Bretislav Bakala   
Supraphon  LPV 201 (DV 5182)  c. mid-1950's LP/matrix: VM 250/M.  Recorded: c.1951 - Brno
Leos Janacek:  "Sinfonietta"     
I: Allegretto  ~  II: Andante  ~  III: Moderato  ~  IV: Allegretto  ~  V: Allegro
Czech Philharmonic Orchestra  conducted by  Bretislav Bakala
Leos Janacek:  "Glagolitic Mass"       
I: Introduction  ~  II: Kyrie  ~  III: Gloria  ~  IV: Credo  ~  V: Sanctus  ~  VI: Agnus Dei  ~  VII: Postlude  ~  VIII: Intrada
Libuse Domaninska, Soprano ~ Josef Valka, Tenor ~ Marie Jurenova. Contralto ~ Jaroslav Hromadka, BassFrantisek Michalek, organ.  
Moravan Academic Singing Association & Vach Moravian Lady Teacher's Choir, Josef Veselka, chorus master.  
Brno Radio Symphony Orchestra Orchestra  conducted by  Bretislav Bakala
2  files zip 16/44 FLAC  Mega Download
Rediffusion  HCN 7005  1978 LP/CBS UK matrices.  Recorded: 16-18 October 1950 - Studio Domovina, Prague / March 1951 - Brno  
Sleeve-notes / 1955 Record Guide review >>>

Bakala, Vogel, etc. Files from the 20 June 2013 Janacek/Supraphon post below
SUA 10095  "z mrtveho domu": highlights: Mega Download        LPV 450  Janacek arias: Mega Download   

12 Oct 2013

Leoncavallo. I Pagliacci - La Scala, Milan / Tullio Serafin - Columbia 1955

Ruggiero Leoncavallo:  "I Pagliacci"
Nedda............. Maria Meneghini CallasSoprano  
Canio.................. Giuseppe di StefanoTenor
Tonio...................... Tito GobbiBaritone
Beppe......................... Nicola MontiTenor
Silvio.............................. Rolando PaneraiBaritone
Side One: Prologue, Act One (part 1)   /  Side Two: Act One (part 2)   /   Side Three: Intermezzo, Act Two   
3 files zip FLAC  Mega Download 
Orchestra and Chorus of La Scala Opera House, Milan  conducted by  Tullio Serafin  
Columbia  33CXS 1211 / 33CX 1212   1963 pressings / pre-1959 matrices: XBX 157 -4N / XBX 158 -4N / XBX 159 -2N  
Recorded: 12-17 June 1954, Teatro alla Scala, Milan       16/44 HD       EMG review >>>
Presumably you would prefer this copied from the stunningly scarce 'original 24bit CD'; as re-recorded in the Balls Pond Road Swimming Baths.
So you can compare this to Mr P's Sample  (starts @ 8.57", side two)  - and spend your pocket-money THERE !!
Robert E. Seletsky  07/24/2015  
Having written at very great length in The Opera Quarterly about Callas’ recordings in articles published between 2000 and 2005........ Mr. Rose has his own agenda, with which I personally take issue. He is marketing from-LP, “ambient stereo” versions of the Callas studio material. That is his right, though I find them neither appealing nor accurate.
Peter 01/31/2016   
However, I feel Andrew’s remasters lack real transparency – it’s as if the music has been a little “smoothed over”, certainly leading edges are slightly rounded, blurred if you prefer. Perhaps most significantly, “ambient stereo” is no replacement for those subtle acoustic cues which exist even on 1950s mono recordings. 

13 Sep 2013

Sir Adrian Boult / London Philharmonic - Delibes. Sylvia, Coppelia, Naila - PYE 1956

Leo Delibes:
"Coppelia" - Ballet suite: - 
Prelude et Mazurka - Ballade et Theme Slave Varie - Scene et Valse de la Poupee - Czardas (Danse hongroise) - Entr'acte et Valse
"Sylvia" - Ballet suite: -  Prelude et Les Chasseresses - Intermezzo et Valse Lente - Pizzicati - Cortege de Bacchus
"Naila" - Valse  (arr: Minkus)   
3 files zip FLAC   Mega Download  
London Philharmonic Orchestra  conducted by  Sir Adrian Boult 
PYE Marble Arch  MAL 677   1967 LP. (originally: PYE NCL 16009)   Recorded: 28 March 1955 - Walthamstow Town Hall 
Slight de-click applied due to minor 'surface noises'.  Excellent playing/performances & good sound-quality...        Not on CD      
Westminster XWN 18241 cover/sleeve-note >>>

9 Sep 2013

Massimo Freccia / Santa Cecilia - Haydn. Symphony 94 .. Mozart. Symphony 40 .. Mendelssohn. Symphony 4 - RCA/Readers Digest 1959

Haydn:  Symphony no.94 in G major  ('The Surprise') 
I:  Adagio cantabile - Vivace assai  ~  II:  Andante  ~  III:  Menuetto - Allegro  ~  IV:  Allegro di molto 
Mozart:  Symphony no.40 in G minor, K.550   
I:  Allegro molto  ~  II:  Andante  ~  IIIMenuetto & Trio - Allegretto  ~  IV:  Finale: Allegro assai    
Mendelssohn:  Symphony no.4 in A minor, op.90  ('The Italian')  
I:  Allegro vivace  ~  IIAndante con moto  ~  III:  Con moto moderato  ~  IV:  Saltarello presto    
3 files zip FLAC  Mega Download  
Orchestra of the Accademia di Santa Cecilia, Rome  conducted by  Massimo Freccia  
Readers Digest   RDM 2 / RDM 4  from 1959 Box-set: 'Music of the World's Great Composers'   mono only  Decca LP's/matrices: K80P 4575 -1A / K80P 4576 -1A & K80P 4574 -1A

25 Aug 2013

Barbirolli / Halle - Vaughan Williams. Symphony 2 - PYE 1958

Ralph Vaughan Williams:
Symphony no.2.  "A London Symphony"    
I:  Lento - Allegro risoluto  ~  II:  Lento  ~  III:  Scherzo (Nocturne) Allegro vivace  ~
IV:  Andante con moto - Maestoso alla marcia (quasi lento) - Allegro - Lento - Epilogue (Andante sostenuto)
FLAC Mega Download
The Hallé Orchestra  conducted by  Sir John Barbirolli     
PYE  CCL 30134  1959 LP/matrices: APL.0070 -1W / APL.0071 -4W   
(not Stereo until the feeble 1965 'Golden Guinea')    Recorded: 28-29 Dec 1957 - Free Trade Hall, Manchester
1936 Henry Wood recording on HISTORICAL     EMG review / sleeve-note >>>

20 Aug 2013

Gina Bachauer plays... Rachmaninov. Piano Concerto 3 - HMV 1957

Sergei RachmaninovPiano Concerto no.3 in D minor, op.30
IAllegro ma non troppo  ~  II:  Intermezzo (Adagio)   ~  III:  Finale (Alla breve)    
2 files zip FLAC  Mega Download
Gina Bachauer, piano  - London Orchestra  conducted by  Alec Sherman 
HMV  CLP 1138    First edition 1957 LP/matrices: 2XEA 995 -3N / 2XEA 996 -4N    
Recorded: 10 May 1956 - EMI Studio 1, Abbey Road
Rather un-magical orchestral/piano-playing. The overall sound-balance is less than convincing/detailed (with artificial reverb?).
However, at least the last movement 'comes alive'... Dec.2014. 1.4dB treble EQ added
Not on CD     EMG review  >>>

12 Aug 2013

Sir Thomas Beecham / French National - Franck. Symphony - HMV 1957

Cesar Franck:
Symphony in D minor  
ILento - Allegro non troppo  ~  IIAllegretto  ~  IIIAllegro non troppo   
2 files zip FLAC  Mega Download
Orchestre National de la Radiodiffusion Francaise  conducted by  Sir Thomas Beecham    
HMV  ALP 1686   Original 1959 LP/matrices: 2XLA 36 -1N / 2XLA 37 -1N           
Recorded: 4/5 November 1957 - Salle Wagram, Paris.     
Not on CD    Slightly re-edited Dec.2014 with +1.4dB added treble EQ.   EMG review / sleeve-note >>> 

8 Aug 2013

Wilhelm Schuchter / Philharmonia - Kodaly. Hary Janos ... Dohnanyi. Ruralia Hungarica - Parlophone 1955

Zoltan Kodaly:  "Hary Janos" - suite    
Ernst Dohnanyi:  "Ruralia Hungarica", op.32b  - suite          
2 files zip FLAC  Mega Download
The Philharmonia Orchestra  conducted by  Wilhelm Schüchter  
Parlophone  PMC 1017   1955 LP/matrices: 2XMG 45 -1N / 2XMG 46 -1N   
Recorded: 31 Dec.1952 / 1 Jan.1953  -&-  10 Nov./ 31 Dec.1952                 Not on CD
'Hary Janos' receives a laid-back performance. The gorgeous 'Ruralia Hungarica' has very fine playing.
The original LP chosen instead of the 1966 MFP reissue (MFP2042) due to greater depth/ambience - though with less inherent treble clarity.     November 2015: '1.2' declick + very slight treble EQ    Sleeve-note >>>

2 Jul 2013

Joseph Levine / Ballet Theatre - Bernstein. Fancy Free ... Copland. Rodeo - Capitol 1952

Leonard Bernstein:  "Fancy Free" - Ballet
Aaron Copland:  "Rodeo" - Ballet   
Buckaroo Holiday ~ Corral Nocturne ~ Honky Tonk Interlude/Saturday-night Waltz ~ Hoe-Down
2 files zip FLAC  Mega Download
Ballet Theatre Orchestra  conducted by  Joseph Levine  
Capitol  P 8196   1959 EMI LP / Capitol US matrices: P1 8196 D-17 / P2 8196 D-15.   Rec: 13 October 1952    
Sophisticated performances ('Rodeo' sounding especially good) with nice solo playing.
This LP was mastered at quite a low level. Dec.2014: 1.4dB treble EQ added   
Not on CD     EMG reviews / sleeve-note >>>

23 Jun 2013

Beecham / French National - Bizet. Symphony ... Lalo. Symphony - HMV 1958 ..... Library of Congress lectures 1956/7

Georges Bizet:  Symphony in C major
I:  Allegro vivo  ~  II:  Adagio  ~  III:  Allegro vivace  ~  IV:  Allegro vivace
Edouard Lalo:  Symphony in G minor      
I:  Andante  ~  II:  Vivace  ~  III:  Adagio  ~  IV:  Allegro
2 files zip FLAC Mega Download                        
Orchestre National de la Radiodiffusion Francaise  conducted by  Sir Thomas Beecham  
HMV  ALP 1761    1961 LP/matrices: 2XLA 484 -1N / 2XLA 40 -1N.   Recorded: 7-10 January 1958 / 10-11 June 1958 - Salle Wagram, Paris
"Mozart and his Music"   -&-   "The Changing World of Music"                             2 files zip FLAC  Mega Download
2 edited/abridged lectures @ The Coolidge Auditorium, Library of Congress, Washington D.C.  (6 February 1956 / 25 February 1957).
EMI / World Records  SH 1008   1979 LP/matrices: 2XEA 6585 -1 / 2XYE 6586 -1  
Not on CD     (The 1958 HMV mono sessions:  stereo recordings: c.Oct-Dec.1959)     EMG review / HMV sleeve-note /additional transfer of Beethoven Sym 7>>>