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Irma Kolassi / LPO - de Froment: Chausson -&- Ravel / Debussy / Greek Folk Songs - Decca 1954/1955

Maurice Ravel:  Cinq melodies populaires greques.
(Chanson de la mariee ~ La-bas vers d'eglise ~ Quell galant m'est comparable ~  Chanson des cueilleusses de lentisques ~ Tout gal)
with  Jacqueline Bonneau, piano  From: LW 5246    Recorded: 2/3 December 1955 - West Hampstead Studios 
Maurice Ravel:  Chansons madecasses.   (Nahandove ~ Aoua! ~ Il est doux)  
with  Geoffrey Gilbert, flute  -  William Pleeth, 'cello  -  Andre Collard, piano    From: Decca LW 5246   
Debussy:  Fetes galantes   (En sourdine ~ Fantoches)  
Debussy:  Trois chansons de Bilitis   (La Flute de Pan ~ La Chevelure ~ La Tombeau des naiades)    
with  Andre Collard, piano   From: Decca LW 5161    Recorded: 27 Sept.-1 Oct.1954 - West Hampstead Studios   
Ernest Chausson:  Poeme de l'amour et de la mer   (La fleur des eaux ~ Interlude ~ La Mort d'amour)  
London Philharmonic Orchestra  conducted by  Louis de Froment    Recorded: 9-10 May 1955 - Kingsway Hall.  (Decca LX 3150)
Decca 'Grandi Voci'  417 559    Issued 1987.  Matrices: ARL 19113 -1K / ARL 19114 -1K         5 files zip FLAC Mega Download

8 Greek Folksongs:  (with  Andre Collard, piano)  
Side 1:  The Little Lamb ~ The spring under the plane tree ~ Rinaki ~ The price of a kiss  / Side 2:  Sirtos from Paros ~ The Priest's wife ~ Cradle song ~ Dourou Dourou   4 files zip: WAV + lightly auto de-clicked FLAC Mega Download
Decca  LW 5129   1954 LP/matrices: TRL 297 -2B / TRL 298 -1B   Rec: 26/28 May 1954 - West Hampstead   Greek Folksongs sleeve-note >>>


  1. Thank you very much for the Irma Kolassi uploads.

    Your meticulous LP transfers and the restoration job are highly appreciated. I have the Testament CD with Kolassi but not the Chausson. She also recorded some baroque music with Nadia Boulanger and Duparc's songs.

    Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!!!

  2. Many thanks Sturla!
    Same Greetings to you - and thank you for your previous comments!
    I did mention (before an edit..) that I'd be interested in a FLAC-rip of the Testament CD (which duplicates just the first Ravel/2 Greek songs).
    There was also a Spanish Songs 10" disc (also reviewed in Gramophone 1/1955 - as with the Greek) which I've not seen/heard - though, if that was as bad a pressing I doubt it would give much listening pleasure - but I'm assuming they would be just as attractive.

  3. Dear Tin Ear, Happy New Year to you!

    I'll upload the Kolassi files in a week: I am currently struggling with my internet provider.

    Once again, thank you for your wonderful music blog.

  4. Hello Sturla.
    Many thanks for your interest and support this past year...and Happy New Year to you.
    I'll see what 'interesting' 'not-on-CD' vocals I can dig-out.
    The Kolassi has been pretty popular: almost 1000 downloads to date (I know... the 'comments' don't really reflect that!!).

  5. Hello Tin Ear. Here are the mediafire links to the Kolassi CD. The files are in the 256 Kbit Mp3 format, the FLACs will follow soon.

    Irma Kolassi, Part 1.

    Irma Kolassi, Part 2

  6. Hello Sturla. That's very kind of you - and much appreciated! . I may have a few problems transferring LX 3054 -Ilse Hollweg in Mozart/R.Strauss - due to a mild 'ripple warp' There's also a Mozart arias Decca LXT (2685) - which not all have either been on CD - but these are near 60yo discs...

  7. This is a real and precious gift!!

  8. Hello again Tin Ear. Here are FLAC-files of the Kolassi CD and a link to the liner notes.

    Kolassi_Cover & liner notes

    KOlassi SBT, part I

    Kolassi SBT, part II

  9. Many thanks for these - as I really liked the Kolassi's I had - but am too
    mean to buy CD's!!
    (Testament's CD catalogue contains many items I'd otherwise be interested in uploading from LP..).