The Busch String Quartet: Beethoven Late String Quartets: and "The Case of The Missing Frequencies"....

Some of you may recall (long ago) that Andrew Rose stated my transfer of the BBC Radio 3
RPO-Sargent -Vaughan Williams Sym.9  only went up to 'about 13kHz' - when it demonstrably went to the cut-off frequency of 15kHz (graph to prove it..).

Now, if you have nothing better to spend your money on, you can give him up to FORTY QUID for his copy of, presumably, most of the 1985 Beethoven: Busch Quartet LP box-set (he states the pressings were German - so one must **assume they weren't the previous World Records release: and, by 1985, it's possible/likely they were 'Digital Remastered' - those being 'DMM' pressed).
(**If they were a previous EMI Electrola release then, typically, they would be filtered more than the EMI Hayes masterings)

Mr Pristine's Newletter - link

PS: The Black & White photo of the Busch Quartet in his Newsletter has been copied from MY 2012 SCAN from the Booklet

He's claiming these 'stunning' transfers of his (his? - he's merely copied someone else's efforts) go up to 18-19kHz...with a vague claim that some 'azimuth error' correction has 'revealed' those frequencies..

And this from the Comedian who noise-reduces (resolution-reduces- then Treble-Boosts) everything in sight!

So here's a Competition for any MUGS who buy them: FIND THOSE EHF FREQUENCIES - as most files were cut-off/limited by Anthony Griffith / Keith Hardwick's transfers to about 9kHz at best - and only (SIDE GRAPH >>>) did I (quickly) find one above that: the last Qt from 1933 - on an energetic chord...and the PU Cartridges I used were CD-4 compatible - thus will trace frequencies @ nearly 4 times that c.10.6kHz level.

My (free...) 2012 transfers of all the 1985 EMI Germany DMM box-set SQ recordings + CBS op.130 @

Of course..there are plenty of CRETINS around: Here's one:
Ha Ha Ha   " The GROC transfers from EMI were not bad, but  Andrew Rose's are better, with more “air” around the slightly warmer sound. It is excellent to have these really great performances from the 1930s (with a couple of early 1940s) in the best possible transfers".

So there you have it:
 'best possible' means 'reduced resolution and boosted treble'.
No need for me to bother, is there??



<<< The Adulatory "Fanfare" puff duly appeared!

Pablo Varela (who comments, admiringly,  on Mr Pristine's Facebook posts..)

NB: I very rarely use 'de-click' (same software as mentioned), and then only at the lowest levels possible - as sound-quality quickly becomes degraded... 'de-noiser' - never.


  1. i'm willing to bet all the change in my pockets that that particular Cretin didn't pay for his copies.

    1. Ha!!
      Anyway...I'm fed-up playing "The Salvation Army" attempting to dissuade Lost Souls from spending their money on The Demon Drink....brewed-up by some ex-BBC Tea-Boy ...
      ... :~))

    2. Ahh, BBC and another scandal! How surprising... :)

  2. You have no idea of how disillusioning it is to read of such piracy and pilferage. I have spent hundreds of dollars on Mr. Rose's "improvements," only to learn the emperor of sonic renovation wears nothing but the money I (and others) gave him. First he broke my bank, then my heart. As painful as it is to thank you, thanks for steering me straight.

    1. Never Fear: I am determined to be Avaricious - Eventually !!

      But isn't it Weird that all you are vouchsafed here as 'info' is that the Vinyl was 'German'; it's really amusing: and then there's the claim it's 'High Fidelity' and extends An Octave above any frequencies left by EMI's mastering...

      I don't get many thanks for 'telling the truth': ie; there's Nick Morgan (Grumpy's Classics Cave - a BBC mate of his) who'd described my comments/plain facts as 'poisonous'; there are people like Peter Joelson (PJ -or PJPJ) who 'like' the fakes - and who should know better - then the various other 'reviewers' - beneath contempt in almost all instances..

      You might conclude it's some really bizarre 'conspiracy' that's being perpetrated against the Public - and is/has become somehow 'legitimate'...despite the obvious sonic fakery/copying of CD's - with '24bit' downloads of those TO EXTRACT YET MORE $$$$'s!)

      Just wait for the 'ecstatic' Fanfare/MusicWeb/Lemco, et al, reviews of the above scam....

  3. what do you think about highdeftapetransfers.com ? is it real or just another audiophile scam?

    1. I think it's A Minefield to comment upon.
      The easiest response would be to ask - what makes my transfers 'sound better' (assuming that they do..)?

      My answer would be that they are, within digital constraints, 'faithful to the source', and, apart from extremely minor, and very infrequent, 'adjustments', they are not manipulated to create 'my idea' of what they should sound like: it's essentially QUAD's 'closest approach to the original sound' philosophy.

      But, being a meanie, having almost no music CD's, it always comes 'as a surprise' that transfers, such as. ie, these Busch, are deemed superior to the commercial product: it doesn't seem logical - but there are a variety of 'tools' that people (who I'd probably consider 'misguided' - if I was more au fait with what they do) can wreak havoc on the material they are 'remastering'.

      I've therefore no experience of 'highdeftapetransfers' - but maybe they don't transfer much/any from master-tape (or an unimpeachable copy) - and a quick check shows it's just low-cost LP based - (or '4-track tape': presumably something like 3.75ips stereo? - so, IMO, A Joke) - and, as with Mr Pristine, it's a fat lot of good offering (sic) 24/96 - or higher - if the LP's original resolution has been impaired by de-click/noise-reduction/de-hissing: that's where it constitutes 'A Scam' (let alone 're-equalising'/re-locating the recording to another acoustic) and, basically, Amateurish...and I certainly don't consider it 'Audiophile': quite the opposite!


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