Bretislav Bakala conducts... Leos Janacek. Glagolitic Mass, Lach Dances, Sinfonietta - Supraphon 1950-2

Leos Janacek:  "Lachian Dances"   
I: Ancient I  ~  II: Blessing's Dance  ~  III: Smith Dance  ~  IV: Ancient II  ~  V: Celadensky  ~ VI: Saws Dance
16/44  FLAC  (de-clicked @ '1.3')  Mega Download
Brno Radio Symphony Orchestra  conducted by  Bretislav Bakala   
Supraphon  LPV 201 (DV 5182)  c. mid-1950's LP/matrix: VM 250/M.  Recorded: c.1951 - Brno
Leos Janacek:  "Sinfonietta"     
I: Allegretto  ~  II: Andante  ~  III: Moderato  ~  IV: Allegretto  ~  V: Allegro
Czech Philharmonic Orchestra  conducted by  Bretislav Bakala
Leos Janacek:  "Glagolitic Mass"       
I: Introduction  ~  II: Kyrie  ~  III: Gloria  ~  IV: Credo  ~  V: Sanctus  ~  VI: Agnus Dei  ~  VII: Postlude  ~  VIII: Intrada
Libuse Domaninska, Soprano ~ Josef Valka, Tenor ~ Marie Jurenova. Contralto ~ Jaroslav Hromadka, BassFrantisek Michalek, organ.  
Moravan Academic Singing Association & Vach Moravian Lady Teacher's Choir, Josef Veselka, chorus master.  
Brno Radio Symphony Orchestra Orchestra  conducted by  Bretislav Bakala
2  files zip 16/44 FLAC  Mega Download
Rediffusion  HCN 7005  1978 LP/CBS UK matrices.  Recorded: 16-18 October 1950 - Studio Domovina, Prague / March 1951 - Brno  
Sleeve-notes / 1955 Record Guide review >>>

Bakala, Vogel, etc. Files from the 20 June 2013 Janacek/Supraphon post below
SUA 10095  "z mrtveho domu": highlights: Mega Download        LPV 450  Janacek arias: Mega Download   


  1. Very nice post! I haven't listened to Bakala's Glagolitic in quite some time, so thanks for making this available.

  2. It is good to see that you have managed to resume your site so soon after the Hotfile closure. I have downloaded your splendid edition of the Sinfonietta quickly via Mega. A grand performance in wonderful sound.My best wishes for the future..and the continuing availability of your archive via a reliable download service.

  3. I had these recordings many years ago on LP but they went astray during several international moves. It is great to have them back again in digital form.

    Thanks for this and for so many other treasures.

  4. Regardless, the 24/96 certainly has more presence than the 'cd-rate'-files - but i've seen graphs showing that LP's output certainly goes way beyond even the range of 24/96 files.

    Many thanks for this, look forward to listening properly for the music content.

  5. Well my first-ever CD-RW transfer (of the Ansermet 'Boutique') left me disappointed - I felt it was 'constrained' and the few commercial CD's I have 'never seem to get loud': Weird

    Playing this through the computer - via MediaPlayer or Steinberg WaveLab (which is used to make the 24/96) versus the same LP being played 'live' - it has the same 'constrained' sound (lacking in micro-dynamics/light-and-shade'freedom')..so the only successful transfers seem to be of old 78 material (LP or direct transfer) - but this end-result leaves me 'uninvolved'.

    I'll try a few more experiments (maybe use one of my myriad MD./CD Recorders as an A/D convertor and output the digital signal to the soundcard) and I've checked various soundcard settngs -which appear correct...but it shows how 'debased' things have become since Digital: BBC Radio 3, for many years, is useless for Music - as it's so bloody boring to listen-to.

  6. Again, many many thanks for your hard work.

    I've always been intrigued by 'Sinfonietta', and in particular with how the many differing interpretations of it... er.. differ (I know what I mean). Anyway this is a lovely lively edition without the playing going postal (a constant danger with this piece I find).

    I must say that the file sounds great to my ears, but then again I'm in my mid-fifties and I was brought up on Dansette players as the pinnacle of transcription technology. So possibly hi-fi subtleties are beyond my ken. So having bowed before greater authority on this issue, I thorougly recommend the FLAC file played as loudly as possible. I also find great merit in the piece currently as background music for skewering 'pigs in blankets' to at this time of the year!

    Very much appreciated; thanks again.

    Best wishes, Graham

    1. I tend to be a bit 'hard' on my transfers - as (reading others' accounts/claims of digital transfers) I would expect 'what goes in' to be 'what comes out' -but I'm less than convinced; however each CD/MD recorder, etc, that I have will give 'a different impression - so I just aim to be as non-interventionist as possible.

      I'd likely have some difficulty correctly identifying the differing Sinfonietta performances on LP: my first was bought in 1972; Ozawa/Chicago c/w Lutoslawski - HMV ASD 2652) but this is the oldest (Kubelik/VPO is next- on Decca 10") - but I really should've also uploaded the 1962-ish Ancerl/Czech PO - as the LP contains Taras Bulba (the Huybrecht/LPO Decca coupling).

    2. Probably beside the point but I think 'expectations' of equipment is the problem in a nutshell. There's always something coming along that whips the living **** out of the thing that came along last week, and it hardly ever does. I find myself drowning in advertising reviews and hype (and to be honest being terrified of looking an idiot when my ears disagree with either). I recall one of my friends paying £££ on interconnects many moons ago, and I honestly couldn't tell the difference between those oxygen-free directional chanted-over-by-monks doobries and the simple copper flex supplied initially with his system. Personally, if I had paid that kind of money I'd have sobbed for a month.

      I don't invalidate anyone's genuine feelings and opinion, but maybe I'm getting a little too cynical to spare more patience than neccesary with it. I freely admit that I've degenerated into the kind of aural simpleton that most hi-fi folks despise but my philosophy now is if it sounds okay, don't look the gift horse in the mouth: Comparsions for me usually either end in tears or feelings of profound awkwardness.

      Probably not your ideal audience am I? Sorry.

      The above notwithstanding, if you ever upload the Ancerl/Czech PO material I for one will consume it with gratitude.

      Thanks again, and seasons greetings.

      All the best


    3. The Ancerl didn't get uploaded mainly as the 'best sounding' transfer/LP (from 1970) I didn't wish to wet-clean (virtually noise-free - but not sufficiently-so to edit from)..

      Pondering whether to upload the 4x LP's of Clemens Krauss/VPO Strauss Family material as the ACL transfers are very good..and otherwise are only as 'pirate CD ' LP dubs..

  7. May I take this opportunity to wish you a very enjoyable Festive Season and I hope that you will enjoy good health and happiness in 2014.

    Thank you for bringing much pleasure to me during 2013 from your kindness in uploading such enjoyable music - much of which has extended my “musical education”.

    Happy Holidays,

    Boa Festes,

    Feliz Navidad,

    Bonne vacances,

    Frohe Festtage,

    Buone Feste,


    Douglas (UK)

    1. Et tu, Douglas..



      Chúc mừng ngày lễ

      Laethanta Saoire Shona

      С праздником

  8. Hi Friend, and wats about Klement Slavicky-Ancerl (the other side)? It is perfect too. Is posibility to post it too?
    Best regards, its very good work

    1. The Slavicky is fine - but this was a Janacek compilation of some scarcer items - the Ancerl/Slavicky is anyway on CD - Bakala (as with Chalabala/Vogel, etc,) is more 'Historical' interest..and tend to become unavailable..or never issued.


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