Leos Janacek. Z Mrtveho Domu, Vec Makropulos, Cunning Little Vixen, Jenufa - Bakala, Vogel,etc. - Supraphon 1950's

"From the House of the Dead":    Goryantchikov... Vladimir Sauer Alyeya... Marie Steinerova  /  Camp Commandant... Vaclav Halir  /
Old Prisoner... Bohumil Kurfurst  /  Skuratov... Jaroslav Ulrych   /  Chekunov... Frantisek Mikulica  /  Drunken Prisoner... Zdenek Sousek  /  
Schapkin... Jaroslav Jaros  /  Shishkov... Vladimir Bauer   /  Cherevin... Antonin Pelc  /  Don Juan... Eduard Hrobes
Act.1: Intro. / Act.2: Skuratov's story & The Play  / Act.3:  Finale. 
Soloists & Chorus of Janacek Theatre, Brno  conducted by  Bretislav Bakala   
Act.3:  Shishkov's story     - Brno State Philharmonic Orchestra  conducted by  Jaroslav Vogel   
4 files zip FLAC   Mega Download - use the link below >>>
Supraphon  SUA 10095  1963 pressing/matrices: VM 1695/H / VM 1696/C    Recorded: c.mid 1950's?  
"The Makropulos Affair":  Emilia Marty... Zdenka Hrncirova  /  Albert Gregor... Beno Blachut  /  
Kristina... Milada Musilova   /   Baron Jaroslav Prus... Theodor Srubar  /  Janek Prus... Rudolf Vonasek   /    
Dr.Kolenaty... Rudolf Asmus.   - Chorus & Orchestra of Prague National Theatre  conducted by  Jaroslav Vogel  
"Jenufa":   Act.2:  Kostelnitscha's aria.    Marie Steinerova  - Janacek Theatre Orchestra, Brno  conducted by  Frantisek Jilek
"Jenufa":   Act.2:  Jenufa's Prayer.    Libuse Domaninska  - Prague National Theatre Orchestra  conducted by  Milan Sachs  
"The Cunning Little Vixen" - Finale.   Zdenek Kroupa  &  Libuse Domaninska -Janacek Theatre Orchestra, Brno  conducted by  Bohumil Liska  
4 files zip FLAC  Mega Download - use the link below >>>
Supraphon  LPV 450   1959 LP/matrices: VM 1151/C / VM 1152/D     Recorded: c.1953?  Good sound-quality - but not the Highest-Fi.  
Surfaces needed slight de-click (1.4) + slight treble increase (=<+1.4dB).   Wonderful performances   Not on CD ?         Sleeve-notes >>>

Files re-instated on  above Janacek post   My complaint re: their previous deletion >>>   (** "House of the Dead" was a video-game..) 


  1. Anonymous20 June, 2013

    why can't I download the files? The link becomes html only...

    1. 'Yours is a new one'..but having tried to download using IE9 'nothing happened' for me..

      I have no idea if this is a general problem as nobody (out of the few who leave any comments...) has mentioned it before. If is then I'll abandon Hotfile - but need to have more than the one 'complaint'/feedback on the subject..

      Have put the files onto Zippyshare who download <8x faster - except there's the wretched 'captcha' + annoying 'pop-ups'..

  2. Hi Tin Ear,

    Thanks for the Janacek uploads.

    I never use Hotfile, if I can - very slow on the "free option".

    Zippyshare is much more preferable, even bearing in mind the CAPTCHAS - so many uploaders are offering Zippyshare as an option now.

    Keep them coming - very much appreciated - very "educational".


    Douglas (UK)

    1. Ha!
      Well - 'almost all' the files are on Hotfile (which gives me a 'cut' of 30% of the Premium subs..but TBH hadn't tried downloading much from them (sometimes need to for Zippy to keep the file/s 'alive') - but maybe there's now a problem with 'zip folders'??

      BUT - unless I get FEEDBACK how am I supposed to know?

      Using slight de-click certainly made this lot 'a doddle' - very efficiently removing 'all' the Supraphon 'business' - but @ a very low setting (far lower than anyone else is likely to use..).

      Bakala's Lach Dances seems unavailble - and the Czech DV pressing is very nice - also have the Redifussion Glagolitic/Sinfonietta (that on CD) - but I bought most of the Supraphon Janacek/Smetana Oprees from 1975: all now on CD?

      Still - I'll maybe use Zippy for FLAC files - though it should be the other way round - unless Hotfile is knackered for most..

  3. Hello Frank,
    I have never had a problem with free downloads from HotFile.
    I use JDownloader for all my downloading, and HotFile works as well as any of the file hosting services for me.
    The download speed is fine (about 6 minutes to download the first of these two files), and I prefer HotFile to ZippyShare because there are no Captchas.
    Thanks for these Janacek LPs (and for all your posts).

    1. Hello Byrd,
      Thanks; though not sure why I made a hash of my attempt!!

      I tend to want to use Hotfile as they a) seem reliable [& have been helpful] - b) keep files at least 3months - so I don't need to bother about re-uploads.

      The speed I seem to get is around 300+ kbps; Zippy around 400-2400 kbps; so am assuming Hotfile's 'premium service' is towards the latter speed. Some have paid for that.. so am obliged in that regard.

      Will try JDownloader; though, as you might imagine, I rarely download material; so can be quite unaware of various glitches...but may do duplicate uploads - as was the case when I used MediaFire/Megaupload.

  4. Anonymous20 June, 2013

    Apart from having to wait between downloads, Hotfile is fine. Thanks for the consistently interesting and well processed postings.


    1. Hello Jim,
      As mentioned could do 2x uploads, but if Zippy files become too numerous they might get deleted without my noticing, and have tended to transfer some Zippy onto Hotfile when they became 'less popular'.

      If it wasn't for 'copyright' the interest-value would be greater, but I can't risk post-1962 material - even when its never been on CD..(have hundreds of Supraphon's; quite a few come into that category).

      If these sound 'OK' it's because the slightly restricted-range recordings didn't have lots of 'fine detail' which de-click identifies as 'noise' - but there were nearly 60,000 'clicks' (!!) removed from each side, with only a dozen manual corrections then needed.

  5. Anonymous25 June, 2013

    There is something supremely enjoyable about Bakala's way with Janacek. Though it sounds a little silly to say, it sounds very 'authentic'. In-fact, the praise can be extended to all of the performances here. Thank you very much for the transfer!

    1. Anonymous25 June, 2013

      Oh, and it seems that there is indeed a CD of Vogel's Jenufa. Though I can't comment on the quality, given Supraphon's CD transfers from other recordings around that time, it could range from acceptable to bad.

    2. Intend soon uploading his 1950-1952 Sinfonietta/Glagolitic/Lachian Dances as, despite currently being on CD (except for the last, I think), they are all so good and in 'slightly' better pressings - so should be able to avoid any 'de-click' - which was fairly essential here - but, fortunately, not much 'damage' was done...although, ironically, these performances are rather 'inauthentic' by later standards (being more 'lyrical' due,in part, to score re-touching).

      Strangely I only have the Vogel 'Jenufa' as the 'excerpts' LP - but would be willing to buy the Bakala 'Sarka' CD (Multsonic, 1952 radio) as last heard it 30 years back on BBC Radio 3..

    3. Anonymous25 June, 2013

      That would be great. I never felt that Supraphon's transfers of his Sinfonietta/Glagolitic sounded too good, but then again I have never heard the original LPs, so it might just be a feeling.

  6. Thank you for uploading these!

    1. The weather's currently too hot to encourage me to slog-away @ the other Bakala/Janacek's, as wouldn't be applying 'de-click' on those.....


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