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Szymanowski. Violin Concerto 1 - Wilkomirska -&- Violin Concerto 2 -Treger - Muza 1961/2

Karol Szymanowski:
Violin Concerto no.1, op.35  (1916)     
Wanda Wilkomirska, violin                             
Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra  conducted by  Witold Rowicki   
Violin Concerto no.2, op.61  (1932/3)  
Charles Treger, violin
Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra  conducted by  Robert Satanowski                           2 files zip FLAC  Mega Download
Rediffusion Aurora  AUR 5063     STEREO   1978 Nimbus LP/matrices   (Polskie Nagrania/Muza  SX 0383 stereo)    Sleeve-note >>>  - Cosa state ascoltando? Anno 2013: Pagini 540/541 - "Due superbe incisioni dei Concerti per violino di Szymanowski, magnificamente restaurate da LP" 


  1. I'm not too familiar with Szymanowski's violin concertos, I've given them a listen once or twice, but not much else. Anyway, I haven't heard this recording either, but I'm going to give it a shot. Thank you for the transfer.

  2. Thank you very much!

  3. Thank you for all of your efforts on this site, I can imagine the work involved, and I appreciate it very much. I'm unfamiliar with much of this reportoire so this is a double voyage of discovery for me. All the best.

    1. Mainly uploads are based on whether the LP has made it to CD. (and, in a small percentage of cases, 'in competition' with somebody - but who now resorts to copying CD's).
      So it's rather a rag-bag 'collection'; but mostly they are very worthwhile performances.

      The tedious part is manually removing the various 'extra' noises: few records are as defect-free as say Dutch Philips..and this Nimbus should have been far better, but it isn't the first I've had problems with (2x 45rpm LP 'Equale Brass' discs were as bad/even worse - from 5 years later -now not available due to 'copyright'..)- despite their 'reputation' at the it becomes a real slog to attempt to eliminate their carelessness...

    2. It must be both a labour of love, as well as incredibly frustrating for you at the same time.

      I have no scientific basis to back this up (other than my ears), but whenever I purchased UK vinyl I took it as pot luck as to whether or not you got the sound of someone frying up a full-English in the background somewhere. Profit before quality appeared (and arguably still appears) to be a mantra in consumer music production. It is rather an eye-opener to find out that Nimbus (despite its reputation) managed to screw things up as well though.

      I switched to CDs as soon as I could, but even then I found that the sound was marred by the use of either horrible master tapes, or the addition of expanders upon 're-mastering' that made dynamic levels rise and fall (sometimes mid-bar) to almost comedic extent. Of course the joke is not quite so funny when one pays a premium price for such licensed vandalism. Anyway, this is probably a discussion for another place, so please once again accept my sincere thanks for your efforts.

    3. The subject of 'surface-noise' certainly dictates what I've been willing to transfer
      Sometimes (as with the Nimbus) the fault resides in the processing - which no amount of wet-cleaning can individually removing < very many hundreds of ticks, et al, is thoroughly annoying.

      As a percentage, really not that many LP's are 'fit for the purpose' - let alone when used for 'raw' transfers, such as these, where the subsequent expectation is that they should be 'CD quiet'.
      Even those which 'only' require removal of contaminants (atmospheric/household/inner-sleeve 'interaction') subsequently typically still require quite substantial effort..

      Still - there aren't that many left 'doing this lark' (courtesy of 'de-click' software..) - and I don't intend being the last idiot standing (even if I still 'clean LP's': a lifetimes 'hobby')!!!

  4. I got an original Polish copy of this on Polski Nagrania Muza, red label stereo edition. anyone know when this pressing would have been released? please respond :)

    1. Initially I quoted different catalogue numbers as they were not coupled like this originally (or in stereo?), but SX 0383 appeared circa 1967.

    2. thank you for the response, what do you base the approximate release year on? please divulge your source, thanks :)

    3. Try searching >> << database for the 'Muza' label.

      You will see SX 0383 fits into a 1967-8 sequence


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