Pierre-Michel Le Conte - Massenet. Le Cid -&- Scenes Napolitaines / Bizet. Jolie Fille de Perth - Parlophone 1958

Jules Massenet:  "Le Cid" - Ballet Music     
(Castillane ~ Andalouse ~ Aragonaise ~ Aubade ~ Catalane ~ Madrilene ~ Navaraisse)
Jules Massenet:   "Scenes Napolitaines"   (La danse ~ La procession ~ La fete)     
Georges Bizet: "La Jolie Fille de Perth"  - suite  (Prelude ~ Serenade ~ Marche ~ Danse Bohemienne)   
3 files zip FLAC  Mega Download
Orchestre du Theatre National de L'Opera, Paris  conducted by  Pierre-Michel Le Conte   
Parlophone  PMC 1051     Original 1958 pressing/matrices: XAR 3 -1N / XAR 4 -1N       
Very Scarce    Not on CD      Sleeve-note >>>


  1. Thank you very much! Is the 'Scenes Napolitaines' link working properly? I couldn't get it to load.

    1. Downloaded OK a few secs ago - took under 40secs - and unpacked/played fine in Audacity.

  2. Yes, it's working now - thanks! Will enjoy these!

  3. MANY MANY thanks for these fantastic posts. Massenet's symphonic music used to be regularly performed (especially by our Parisian orchestral 'associations" such as Colonne (Paray used to be the President of that formation just before Dervaux's time), Lamoureux or Pasdeloup.......but unfortunately not anymore. The timbers of orchestre de l'Opéra de Paris are quite accurate for this repertoire; so does the style of Pierre-Michel le Conte who is definitly one of the most underrated French conductors, supporting also a lot the music of his time. So please upload the rest of these French Overtures and just know that any other recording under him will be much appreciated ! (There is some Ravel, Daphnis 2 for instance as well as Debussy.......).

    1. Hello Centuri.
      This LP is a mystery (it fails to appear in John Holmes 'Conductors on Record' - possibly being so quickly deleted) but the translated sleevenote gives an impression there was a French EMI issue - but can find no trace.

      As you say - the 'timbres' are more 'correct' than, eg, the LSO/Irving version on Decca - and found this 'Jolie Fille' a bit superior to the Lindenburg/Paris Cons (Chabrier/Bizet - LXT/ACL).

      The other CH titles would be very easy to edit (already transferred - but not too sure there is much interest).

      The only other Le Conte I have is the 1980's disc with Rita Gorr (Chant du Monde) shared with Inghilbrecht.

      The date precludes me, currently, from adding, say, the EMI Massenet 'Pittoresques' (Theatre National) under Dervaux - on EMI SXLP - but have the Wolff LXT - but that on CD now (albeit the stereo, probably..?)

  4. I had a old tape (cassette) from Guilde du Disque including the Roi d'Ys overture under PM Le Conte.In my memory, it was on the fast side , active and interesting....probably the only version of that work with this orchestra (the full opera conducted by Cluytens as well as by Dervaux or Jordan were recorded at the French Radio).

    1. I will do the remaining tracks of the CH LP - but am, casually, attendng to some older uploads..on & off...

      Roi d'Ys was the item I listened-to via the CDRW dubbing - and the annoying aspect was the LP 'compression' - particularly as that work is loud for quite some time @ the end - so considered it somewhat 'uncompetitive': but it must be better than any cassette! (I wasn't overly aware it was faster than Ansermet/Martinon (CSO) as it, sort of, 'invites' that type of performance..)

      I don't know if the original CH tapings were compressed - and then made like that (by the Swiss) to sound 'better' on 'mid-fi' equipment - but I tend to prefer the Philips UK mono CH transfers.

      [the Decca Auber/PCO Wolff are pretty noisy/unbearable judged by modern standards...also it is a bit apparent in the Le Conte/Parlophone - so possibly that's how French Engineers liked recordings to sound?

  5. Thank you very much for your generosity. The files downloaded perfectly for me. I have one other Le Conte LP, in which he conducts the Bolero and the Don Quichotte songs plus one other item (I forget which and the LP is buried for a while under some other stuff). A fine conductor as far as I can hear. Now I'm going to try for the Sibelius, but think I might have to subscribe to HF to get these downloaded within a reasoable time. Thanks! Best Wishes, David.

    1. Re: the Sibelius... (and whilst I maybe doing-myself out of (a second) $8.80) you should get a download speed of about 300kbs.

      Previously those were Sendspace WAV's @ 80kbs - so, effectively, HF is 8 times as fast - and there's no need to download them 'all at once' (originally it took 9 years for them to be issued) so even having to wait 30mins between downloads isn't a problem, really!

      Of course, before August, they were WAV's on MediaFire - but there's nothing I can do about that..

      I zip these files using 7zip - and think I'm avoiding 'broken files' - which seem to plague some other peoples efforts..

  6. Many thanks for this rarity.

  7. What a fabulous find! Thank you for all your efforts!


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