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Antal Dorati / Minneapolis SO - Respighi. Feste Romane -&- Church Windows - Mercury 1955

Ottorino Respighi:
Feste Romane   (Circenses ~ Giubileo ~ L’Ottobrata ~ La Befana)    
Vetrate di Chiesa   (La fuga in Egitto ~ San Michele Arcangelo ~ Il Mattutino di Santa Chiara ~ San Gregorio Magno)     
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Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra   conducted by  Antal Dorati 
PYE / Mercury  MRL 2002    1956 pressing - MG-50045  'YMG' matrices.   Recorded: 20 November 1954.    
(The end of 'Feste Romane' has tape (etc) congestion: have also slightly increased the volume)      
MMA 11095 - the 1960 EMI release (used by 'Mr Pristine') - has inherently quieter vinyl - but that Mercury transfer has far less dynamic-range.    
Sleeve-note  >>>   'Mr Pristine's' EMI transfer: 'sample mp3' (PASC194) - begins @ 5:27 on the Chiesa file >>>      


  1. Thanks, Frank! I love these old Mercury monos, and I really appreciate your posting these excellent transfers. (Your transfers are much more satisfying than that other fellow's.)

  2. Glad you like them..but OMG- Never Again: you would not believe the time spent (and have likely missed >a few ticks< - due to the sheer noise! -so may return to the WAVs much later...).

    Was thinking of uploading a section from the EMI (mastered @ a lower modulation level: though the 'other transfer' has a hefty amount of treble added from 10kHz) - so a direct comparison could be made.

    But those PYE/Nixa pressings are a menace for surface noises: it has delayed my uploading Boult/Planets (have two different CBS/Westminster transfers).

    I am surprised the sound was so compressed: eg: it compares badly to a 6-Eye of Ormandy/Sibelius 4+5 (the stereo Romane/Sibelius 7 was issued from 6-Eye transfers in the UK + have the Sibelius/Oistrakh 6-Eye: all would be a breeze to edit; as would the Philips pressing of Ormandy/Francescatti in the Brahms (apparently not on CD- as with the Sibelius 4+5: and my copy of that sounds infinitely superior to the 'other fellows': from a Philips LP: in fact the Columbia is quite wish I had more US/Columbias!!

  3. Regarding the Ormandy/Francescatti Brahms (ML5114 recorded 11 March 1956), I have this on a Biddulph CD (80225-2) - transfer was done by David Hermann.

  4. Knew of that one: but its copied from LP (without checking the source may be the UK Philips?) but mine is a perfect new LP (also not in the UK catalogue long: due to the Bernstein version) - and wouldn't be using any dreaded 'noise-reduction' !!

    Anyway; was vaguely thinking of uploading it - possibly with Mitropoulos Tchaikovsky/Mendelssohn (that on CD): though am not sure about his playing: or, on HISTORICAL, uploading- from a new UK Columbia (US matrices) - the Franck/Debussy with Casadesus: but only the Debussy appealed to me (possibly another 'not on legit CD' ??).

  5. Thanks for ANY Dorati/Mercury recordings, they usually do not disappoint. And is that still the best tam tam crash ever recorded?

    1. Ah..that was another noisy bit! (the effect of this LP whilst monitoring/editing via small-ish Sony computer-speakers was pretty nerve-wracking..)

      As mentioned previously, I've very few Mercury (did dispose of some: mainly the stereos) and am left - in the Dorati line - with stereo originals of just: Rite of Spring / Tchaikovsky: Serenade / Wellingtons Victory / 1812-Italien (all mastered to EMI specs) + Brahms 2 in the early US FR.
      So - hardly worth mentioning!! (and other blogs likely have made available the majority of the Mercury catalogue..??)

      Even though they are commonplace in the US, I likewise have very few US Columbia mono/stereo.
      UK issues simply aren't as 'dynamic' - though if you compare the mono Beecham (have some UK/US duplicates) then the Philips seem slightly superior.

  6. Only heard this today (sic!) - very nice indeed, so much so that it's a bit regrettable you never got to doing the Ormandy LP's mentioned herein... Nevertheless, many thanks, the gorgeous gongs and horns pretty much 'blew my ears out'!

    1. All too late, all too late, when the bier is at the gate!

    2. Too true. I know that's a literary quotation or paraphrase, but can't place it... :/


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