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Herbert von Karajan / Vienna Philharmonic - Johann Strauss. Die Fledermaus: Gala Sequence - Decca 1960 / Overtures, Waltzes, Polkas - Decca/RCA 1959

Johann Strauss II:  "Die Fledermaus"  - Overture   /  Ballet Music  (with Vienna State Opera Chorus)   2 files zip WAV  Mega Download
Gala Sequence: Part 1   Renata Tebaldi   ~  Fernando Corena  ~ Birgit Nilsson   ~  Mario del Monaco   ~   Teresa Berganza   ~  Joan Sutherland   /  Part 2   Jussi Bjorling   ~  Leontyne Price  ~  Giulietta Simionato  &  Ettore Bastianini  ~  Ljuba Welitsch
2 files zip FLAC  Mega Download
Decca  SET 201-203   1960 LP's  Matrices: ZAL 4923 -4E / ZAL 4926 -1E / ZAL 4927 -1E.
Recorded: June/July 1960 - Sofiensaal, Vienna, also Rome & London.
The Gala Sequence was mastered at much lower-level than the main  recording: as is the SDD, below; levels there set for 'Auf der Jagd' climaxes: so 'Fledermaus' is much quieter compared to the 1960 version..

Johann Strauss II:  "Die Fledermaus" - overture    /    Johann Strauss II:  Annen Polka  &  Auf der Jagd
Josef Strauss:  Delirien - waltz    (really nice..)         
Johann Strauss II:  "Gipsy Baron" - overture    /     Johann Strauss II:  Tales from the Vienna Woods.       5 files zip FLAC   Mega Download
Decca  SDD 259   (RCA SB 2091)   1971 LP/matrices: ZAL 9925 -1W / ZAL 9926 -1W    Recorded: 7/8 April 1959 - Sofiensaal, Vienna 
Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra  conducted by  Herbert von Karajan.          STEREO  files  (Re-edited)          SDD 259 Sleeve-note >>>

Gala - Part 1 Renata Tebaldi (Villa-Lied -Lehar:"Merry Widow") ~ Fernando Corena ('Domino' -Ferari) ~
Birgit Nilsson (I could have danced all night -Lerner/Loewe:"My Fair Lady") ~ Mario del Monaco ('Passione' -Valente) ~  Teresa Berganza ('Lullaby' -Lavilla) ~ Joan Sutherland ('Il Bacio' -Arditi)

Gala - Part 2 Jussi Bjorling (Dein ist meinganzes Herz -Lehar:"The Land of Smiles") ~ Leontyne Price (Summertime -Gershwin:"Porgy & Bess") ~ Giulietta Simionato & Ettore Bastianini (Anything you can do.. -Berlin:"Annie get your gun") ~ Ljuba Welitsch ('Wien, Wien nur du allein' -Sieczynski)


  1. Many thanks for your recent reuploads! Your efforts - and the music - continue to be admired and appreciated.

  2. Hi TE, glad this one is still available. Walking through the park this afternoon and the carousel was belting out the overture - it sounds good on a fairground organ - but it was earworming me to distraction all the way home so I had to find a "proper" version. I remembered this. Sanity restored.
    Andrew Smith

    1. Lovely weather, to-day.
      Everything is still available - now going back 5 years - but no idea how often they get downloaded (the blogs tend to be a 'resource' though - as I can see via some Google info).
      The Strauss family LP is a missing Karajan SB - as have new/original SB's of the Beet 7/Brahms 1 in not too good sound (the Solti Beet 7 SXL turned-up recently in a new/original copy -and is superb).
      I've some of those Fairground Organ LP's; sometime back was thinking of making a compilation of Sound-Box LP's (the non-annoying tracks) as they can be ear-tickling.

  3. More good weather. same park, same time, same piece (at least it wasn't the Espana waltz, also in its repertoire). Two unrelated thoughts:
    1. You are right about the qualities of Delirien, which I have never heard with its introduction; Weber turning into Liszt and ending up sounding like Fucik (no mean composer, Fucik, apart from one infamous number). Josef Strauss was quite an orchestrator, if it was him - I understand most of the original scores are lost.
    2. Whenever a fairground organ plays "Zampa" the tune is quite inaudible under all the percussion effects, and the sheer noise of the mechanism itself.
    Andrew Smith

    1. I suspect 'Light Cavalry', on the hugely noisy mechanism of the Hallmark/PYE LP recording of a fairground 'Gavioli', is the nearest I have to a 'Zampa effect'....


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