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22 June 2011

Jascha Horenstein / Vienna Pro Musica - Beethoven. Choral Symphony - VOX 1957

Ludwig van Beethoven:  Symphony no.9 in D minor, op.125  ("Choral")  
I: Allegro ma non troppo  ~  II: Scherzo - Molto vivace  ~  III: Adagio molto e cantabile                  
IV: Finale: Presto - Allegro ma non troppo - Allegro assai.       
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Wilma Lipp, soprano  ~  Elisabeth Hoengen, contralto  ~  Julius Patzak, tenor  ~  Otto Wiener, bass.  
Singverein der Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde, Vienna
Pro Musica Symphony, Vienna  conducted by  Jascha Horenstein
VOX  GBY 10000    First edition 1966 Decca pressing/matrices: M-1293A -2B  /  M-1293B -1B     (Files slightly re-edited Aug.2012)  
(Much superior to the original 'RVG' matrices - used 'elsewhere' : the original 1957 (UK) issue)    PL 10 000 cover/sleeve-note >>>


  1. Anonymous23 May, 2012

    It's Amazing... Wonderful... Excellent... THANKS

    1. ...it really is better than the original single LP (used elsewhere) - but someone on SymphonyShare didn't like it - sort of Made-Their-Petunias-Wilt...'too exciting' as sound!!

      The early '60's Decca single LP version of the mono VPO/Kleiber is also pretty good: though already have an excellent 1940 Mengelberg version on the HISTORICAL blog - which is very interesting to hear: some aspects are very Berlioz-like - which I dont recall previously being aware-of..

  2. Anonymous09 May, 2013

    Hi! I just discovered your blog. Congratulations. Have Bruckner, Symphony No. 9, Pro Musica Symphony, Vienna, Jascha Horenstein, 1978 version?. Thank you. (Michael)

    1. Hello,
      Yes - I've new/original mid-1950's LP's of Bruckner 8 + 9 on Vox (Decca UK pressings/CBS matrices) - but thought these were available on CD (as is/was the Bartok VC2 with Gitlis -my favourite - and sonically better than the Bruckner's) - so unless they're no longer available - or were not particularly good as CD transfers - then I wouldn't really spend time on them.

      Also have the UK Unicorn LP of Bruckner 7 (Polydor 1928) - but the transfer is very inconsistent between movements - some being muddy/lacking in detail; but that's one I'd previously considered uploading.

      This 1966 transfer of the Beethoven 9 just happened to be much superior to the one used by 'Mr Pristine' - so decided to 'compete' with his 'stunning transformation'!

  3. Anonymous10 May, 2013

    Thanks for your answer. (Michael)