Band of the Grenadier Guards / F.J.Harris: Holst Suite no.1 -&- Rosse / Ansell / Wood - Decca 1959

Gustav Holst:  Suite no.1 for Military Band
Frederick Rosse:  "The Merchant of Venice"  - Portia ~ Doge's March
John Ansell:  Three Irish Pictures.   
Arthur Wood:  Three Dale Dances.   
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Band of the Grenadier Guards  conducted by  Major F.J.Harris.
Decca  SKL 4041   1959  STEREO  LP/matrices:  ZAL 3408 -1E / ZAL 3409 -1E.    Recorded: 1958   
Not on CD      Re-edited - May 2012    (WAV's - as don't want to re-convert again to FLAC)   Sleeve-note >>>