Dimitri Mitropoulos / New York PO - Petrushka -&- Romeo & Juliet - CBS 1951/1957

Igor Stravinsky:   "Petrushka" - Ballet - 1911 version.
First Tableau:  The Shrove-Tide Fair  ~  Danse Russe   /   Second Tableau:  Petrushka's Room
Third Tableau:  The Moor's Room   /   Fourth Tableau:  The Shrove-Tide Fair (towards evening) ~ Grand Carnival
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Philips  GBL 6519   1958 Philips UK matrices/pressing: -4/-1.  Rec:  5 March 1951 - Columbia Studios, N.Y.

Serge Prokofiev:
"Romeo & Juliet", op.64 - Ballet suite (excerpts)
Suite 2/1:  The Montagues & Capulets  ~  Suite 2/2:  Juliet: The little girl  ~  Suite 1/1: Folk dance  ~  Suite 1/5:  Masks  ~  Suite 1/6:  Romeo & Juliet  //   
Suite 1/7: The Death of Tybalt  ~  Suite 2/5:  Romeo & Juliet before parting  ~  Suite 2/3:  Friar Lawrence  ~  Suite 2/7:  Romeo at Juliet's grave         
Philips  ABL 3236 (no UK stereo)  1959 Philips UK: -1/-1.   Rec:  11 Nov.1957 - St.Georges Hotel, N.Y.
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New York Philharmonic Orchestra  conducted by  Dimitri Mitropoulos.       Re-edited January 2012.    EMG  review of 'Petrushka' >>>


  1. Thanks for this beautiful post, and also for the great posts with English conductors (Constant Lambert, Boult, Barbirolli a.o.)! I do like Stravinsky (what a beautiful Philips cover) and Mitropoulos, i'm very curious t hear this.

  2. Thank you for share those extraordinary recordings, and don't worry about feedback, is always the same, my transfer of Walton Viola Concerto has 120 downloads and no comment leave.

  3. I think I remember seeing this in the LP bins at the record shops, many years ago. Don't remember having ever listening to it. This will give me a chance to compare it with other recordings, such as Ansermet and Dorati...to name a few.

    Thanks for posting!


  4. Well...there seems to be a temporary error with the server...but will keep trying.


  5. Thanks so much, your LP rips somehow give more listening pleasure that a CD rip. Think I was born in the wrong time, love this stuff !

  6. I don't think that people generally understand the effort that goes into these 78/LP Blogs (not just Mine) compared to the minimal amount of time that the (many) 'CD-Rippers' would spend. Using my (pretty laborious) method it is a major-undertaking...but to see so many posts with minimal/or No response - yet knowing how substantial the downloads have been is absolutely ANNOYING..Even though I understand that a high-percentage would be from non-English speakers....
    I'm very unhappy at the prospect of continuing myself - and also seeing other Bloggers efforts 'being taken for granted'.
    These Mitropoulos performances would be a good-way of ending the blog - being so excitingly played by the NYPO (though Petrushka seems to be compiled from numerous 'takes' - not all at the exact same tempi..).
    I'll try to upload to MediaFire - but suddenly encountered problems on the 11th - after very easy uploading (certainly compared to the 'erratic' Megaupload).
    Re: the general quality. I'm aware of a 'shortfall' in CD-RW compared to the original - at least on my systems - though it varies: these Mitropoulos are highly similar in sound-characteristics to the LP - but the previous post (BBC Proms 2001) - showed a lack of 'dynamism' when compared to the signal as I'd been monitoring it though the CD-Recorder / MD-Recorder acting as a D/A convertor.

  7. Thanks a lot for the Petrushka, a lp I have been looking for for a long time (without success!).
    (hopefully for me, I enjoy the old recordings cleaning process!)

  8. I guess download speeds have increased in your neck of the ocean if the Megaupload file was accessible?!
    The joke about 'cleaning' is that it only takes 5minutes (and the LP's are invariably 'new/pristine' to start with). It's the subsequent individual removal of inherent 'ticks' which is so stunningly time-consuming.
    I knew Petrushka wasn't on CD (except for a 'pirate' issue) - but it's the R&J which is so fine (except for a bit of dodgy phrasing by the lower-strings) with some thrilling orchestral tone to be heard...and these are very fine Philips-UK transfers.

  9. Thanks for both of these and for all of your posts.

  10. I hope you rest well over the holidays and come back with a vengeance. This type of endeavor must be self-satisfying, as most people don't appreciate the work. But as I said earlier, your posts are well thought out and laid out. Thanks - Jerry

  11. Many thanks for all your previous uploads and for these two Mitropoulos LPs.

    I have never heard the 'Petrouchka' with Mitropoulos before. This great conductor had a predilection for Russian and French music. Did he record 'Le Sacre du printemps' as well?

  12. Hello Sturla. Not sure (there doesn't appear to be an online discography ??) - but have only a small number of Mitropoulos (usually on the Philips label - but in earlier pressings/transfers than these - hence not as good sound)..
    The Petrushka is a very 'clean' sounding disc (in fact very good for a 10" LP (previously 12") with a 20minute side 2...though the vinyl is more like a '45' - and becoming 'brittle':a companion 10" disc SBR 6222 (Beinum/COA Firebird/Rossignol) is beginning to disintegrate along the edges!

  13. this did not fail
    Adrian Boult conducts... Vaughan Williams: Symphony 6 ~ Flos campi ~ Concerto accademico, etc. EMI 1946-1953

  14. Wonderful job, thank you. Mitropoulos is an under-appreciated jewel in my opinion. These are much appreciated!

  15. Well, Tin ear, I am serious when I say I enjoy cleaning, and if you listen to my transfers you will hear there is more work than an automatized Clickrepair (which is still obviously the mandatory first step). Never counted the hours, though. And yes, the connexion is better since september in Tahiti, but I am not any more there and benefit from a real fast one in France!

  16. I can't get enough of this dazzling, mischievous Petrushka. Wonderful transfer to go with.

    Thanks a bunch and best wishes!

  17. Glad these are popular (not that I actually benefit, financially..!!). 'Petrushka' is rapidly closing-in on 200 downloads after just a couple of days.
    I might have a try with Ormandy's 1955 mono Sibelius 4/5 - which I suspect would surpass the current 'pirate' transfers (one by 'U No Who' from July 09 - whose 'sample' sounded rather poor)- as my 6-Eye Columbia is a rather good copy.

  18. Thank you for this disc, I am listening to the Petrushka and this is a delight for all the Mitropoulos lovers like me. The performance is wonderful and the suond is very clear. I didn't know that Mitropoulos had recorded for Philips. I have a CD reissue of the Prokofiev on a Sony France disc, coupled with Lt. Kije and the 3rd Piano Concerto. Is this the same performance?
    Thanks for the covers, they are both wonderful

  19. Hello. Philips became the UK licensees for CBS (Columbia) recordings in late 1954 (superseding EMI/Columbia ie as for Walter's Dvorak 8, below).
    This Petrushka originally had a Jan.1955 Gramophone review as a 12" LP (ABL 3027).
    I've added the Feb.1955 'EMG Monthly Letter' review: even then (with what would be an inferior transfer) they noted what I've mentioned as being lots of 'editing'. I think nearly all my Mitropoulos Lps are on CD (except Mendelssohn 3/5 ABL 3082 - which had 'another' poor U No Who transfer a year or two back). The R&J is the same as on CD (also the same artwork - you can partially see the ML # on this scan - top LH). Wasn't certain about uploading it - but it was a relatively easy transfer - and thought may be of interest as the mono version.

    1. Hello Tin Ear, your work is marvelous. I've heard Andrew Rose's transfer of the Mendelssohn 3 & 5 under Mitropoulos. Boy, this pristine guy surely knows how to destroy a true piece of art. I was wondering if you have this recording and if you would be so kind to upload it. Thanks in advance!


    2. Hello Gabriel.
      To be 'fair' to Mr EMI CD-ripper, despite his claims that this album was 'well-recorded':


      my original pressing (Philips ABL3082) sounds anything but; being very 'trebly' with little bass: I suppose I could upload a sample to compare with his offered 320mp3 'comparison' on the above link: which shows how awful his 'transformation' sounds!!
      You can see his RMCR advert" PRISTINE: Mitropoulos conducts Mendelssohn and very rare Morton Gould (11 Sept 2009), where, incidentally, only there does he mention he didn't use the US Columbia LP mentioned on his site: "In this case I think Edward [Johnson] used a European Philips pressing issued in Germany".

      Needless to say he gets Glowing Reviews for his adulterated dross....'a mystery' (??) - and if he's got your money then at least He's happy!!


    3. Frank, believe me that I've heard your transfers and Rose's and I'm much happier with "first hand sound", so to speak: if it was recorded in monoaural sound due to technology or budget limitations, it should stay that way; on the other hand, I believe that manipulating frequencies sometimes helps and sometimes simply doesn't. Many recordings you share here sound astonishingly good, despite being pressings from over 50 years ago. Keep up your work, you're doing it wonderfully, not to mention that thanks to you we all have access to music that, in most cases, has not been reissued on CD. I'd be truly grateful if you upload that mitropoulos, no matter how it sounds, it should definitely be better than any of Andrew Rose's attempts to provide "a new dimension of sound"


    4. In fact the sound of ABL3082 was pretty fresh in my memory as only sampled it the day before your comment!

      Likewise, yesterday, listened to the excellent UK CBS Classics transfer of the RVW 4: and still have yet to transfer (have 2 original UK pressings - different masterings) the Shostakovich 10..so 'something' may turn-up: but not 100% sure about the Mendelssohn as it's not too good (possibly the same transfer as his - as I suspect my UK pressing derives from Dutch masters) - also have the original UK Shostakovich VC1/Oistrakh pressing: which is excellent...but I steer clear of most CD-issued material.

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  21. Hello. Have done so. I sometimes add Blogs when I see them as the host link on the Feedjit log.

  22. Sadly, at lot of the best conducting and playing in this music are contained in recordings of excerpts. The Mercury/Skrowaczewski for example. NOt to mention a Czech PO which I think was with Ancerl if my memory serves me well.This Mitropoulos is WONDERFUL and I can't thank you enough for the hours you've spent on this!

    Antony in New Zealand

  23. Hello Antony.
    Wasn't sure about uploading the R&J - simply due to the stereo-taping being on CD. Ancerl is certainly fine (have a variety of pressings) - but never really bothered with Skrowaczewski (the UK Philips SAL doesn't match the plaudits for sound-quality).
    One definitely fine complete recording is Algis Zuraitis/Bolshoi - Melodiya 1982.
    Originally (UK) on 3 HMV LP's: then an excellent transfer onto 2 (Classics for Pleasure CFPD 41 4452).
    If LP's weren't inherently such a chore I'd possibly upload it!

  24. Thanks so much, especially for the Petroushka - what a fabulous riveting performance bursting with detail that revived my interest in a piece I thought I knew by heart and could take for granted. So the reviewer preferred the literal Ansermet recording - that's his loss!

    1. Hello Peter.
      EMG were distinctly 'carriage trade' (I was an infrequent customer from my 'teens) - whose customers would be knowledgeable (likely also taking The Gramophone): so the generally succinct EMG reviews were designed to point-out the 'best' LP's (performances/recordings) @ any given time - not least as people were not expected (or able) to acquire numerous versions) - and that Ansermet wasn't recommended upon its reissue; being supplanted by his later version.

      If creating pdf's (from jpeg's) wasn't still such a 'mystery (to me) then it would be worthwhile to scan/upload those slim monthly newsletters (have from 1947 - two early examples I scanned for HISTORICAL RVW 6 /Boult) - though I suspect you may encounter a bit of prejudice against American performances/recordings ('brash/slick/insensitive' - for example..).

      The contributors to the Monthly Letter seem lost in the mists - but, aside from Robert Simpson, Harry Newstone was on 'the panel' - and I seem to recall a mention of Arthur Bliss (??)...but the reviews are pretty reliable over a long time-scale.


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