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Gordon Watson / Alexander Young - Charles Groves. Lambert Piano Concerto -&- 8 Li-Po Poems - Argo 1955

Constant Lambert:
Concerto for Pianoforte & Nine Players    ( Gordon Watson, piano )
Eight Poems by Li-Po    ( Alexander Young, Tenor )     
2 files zip FLAC  Mega Download
The Argo Chamber Ensemble  conducted by  Charles Groves  
Argo  RG 50     c.1960 Matrices: ARG 2119 -1L / ARG 2120 -1L   
Very good recordings & a tape-to-disc transfer of  'near-mastertape' quality.  Excellent performances.
Re-edited September 2012      Not on CD        Sleeve-note >>>        See also: Constant Lambert conducts (1930-1950)


  1. Thanks for this one. Would you happen to have (or know where to find) an old LP with Gordon Watson playing Humphrey Searle's piano sonata? It was also on the Argo label.

  2. Never seen that (RG6) - apparently quickly withdrawn. Those early Argo (light blue) pressings were pretty ghastly in any event - & rarely to be found in decent condition. Only currently have RG74 - Robert Still (considering uploading the SXL Still/Rubbra - Fredman sometime)...& used to have the Walton/Max Rostal, et al.

  3. SXL6281 (Still/Rubbra) hasn't been on CD - nor LXT2794 (Rubbra/RVW Mass) or, last time I checked, ZRG5179 (Argo RVW Mass, etc). I think just a few of those old Argo RG's were re-pressed by Decca - but the original poor technical-quality (& bad reviews) means pre-1957-ish pressings are pretty scarce. There's an interesting 'history' by Harvey Usill (Argo's founder) in a BIRS magazine I might upload sometime.

  4. Hello - Thanks again - Jerry

  5. Hi. Cheers for this. I'd be very interested indeed in having a look at the Harley Usill 'history' if you're still thinking of posting it sometime.

  6. The scans (in a zip file) of Harvey Usill's Argo History are now linked here..

  7. lot of thanks.
    now i have a problem regarding the identification of poems by Li Po (Li Bo or in modern Chinese reading Li Bai). even double problam: to identify the Chinese original and to find Russian translation (English hasn't sound at my craddle).
    unfortunately, Russian and English interpreting tradition of the Chinese verse differ in almost any sense.

  8. There was no song-text insert with the LP...however..

    There is a .pdf treatise of Li-Po - including Lambert text-settings here with the chinese original: well as the more comprehensive WikiPedia links to translations of 'Li-Bai' poetry: which possibly includes all of those used by Lambert - though you may need to visit a few sites.. for Russian translations: you have me beat !!!

  9. the most intersting and intriguing musical opus setting the Li Bo original verse i've heard was the so-caled 'symphony' (rather a dramatic cantata) for tenor, chorus & orchestra 蜀道难 (shu dao nan = hard are the Szechwan roads) by Chinese composer Guo Wenjing (郭文景). very impressive 23' score. BTW, the author utilised the archaic reading of the Southern Chinese dialects, even provoking the scandal at the concert. the Pekinese soloist and choristers demanded to adapt the phonetics to Mandarin, not to Sheczwan...
    i've found this work recorded on the single CD, riped and shared on the Web by one of thousands Chinese classical uploaders.

    and, of course, Li Bo could be considered as one of the most cherished Asian poets among the western composers.
    thank you once more for the useful links.
    don't worry about the Russian translation of the verse; i can do it myself from both Chinese, and English.

  10. of course some of the texts set by Mahler in Das Lied von der Erde were translations of Li Bai (well, adaptations of translations of translations...) If you're still there, аффтор, do you have a link for the Guo Wenjing setting?

    btw, many and sincere thanks to our host for his excellent work, and for putting that monstrous fat man in France in his place.

    1. Can't say I'd object to the latter sentence: & maybe it's caused by a High Salary Diet?

      аффтор has recently commented a few times on, ahem, Pristine Classics (ie: Purcell, in August): and maybe I should upload that antique Bach LP that's not on CD - albeit, it would be a bit against my better judgment!

  11. So good I think I downloaded it twice. Wonderful. Anthony Burgess (who was composer as well as writer!) liked Constant Lambert - who died too young.

    1. I never expected this to *still* being downloaded so much several years later..

      Constant Lambert was my mothers favourite conductor (though his Rio-Grande is 'inferior' as a composition, IMO) - and there are some very exciting performances of his on the HISTORICAL blog.


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