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03 September 2010

Shura Cherkassky: Schubert / Schumann / Liszt - WRC 1960

Franz Schubert:  Piano Sonata in A, D.959     
Allegro ~ Andantino ~ Scherzo: Allegro vivace ~ Allegretto
Robert Schumann:  Fantasiestucke, op.111     
Molto vivace e Appassionato ~ Andantino ~ Con Forza e Ben Marcato
Franz Liszt:  Grand Galop Chromatique    
3 files zip FLAC   Mega Download
World Record Club  T 58  (mono only). 1962 LP - EMI matrices: W 7136 -3N / W 7137 -3N   
Re-edited January 2012     Sleeve-note >>>


  1. A great recital programme here..Something for everyone really..I didn't realise S Cherkassky (I think you made a spelling mistake on the title for this post!) had such a range..Very much looking forward to sampling some more RRB and the incomparable Schubert sonata..Many thanks.

  2. Does take a few minutes to 'tidy-up' any postings (missed an 's' in Appassionato too..) + create the index links/check browser compatibility (edited on Opera - but IE8 can show misplaced piccies..). Shows the 'two sides' of his playing to great advantage (a wonderful range of 'orchestral colouring'). I realize the WRC is available on the Web - but this transfer/LP (no stereo) is pretty good - though the Schubert does have a less-well recorded last movement (different sessions & also appears less well-played?).

  3. I haven't listened yet, so can't comment on the transfers, but am VERY excited to hear Cherkassky's Schubert D959 and Schumann Op 111 (the OTHER great Op 111 of the 19th century!) I love his wildly unpredictable but musical playing and am always looking for recordings of more substantial repertoire (there seem to be many 'bon-bons' recordings around, but he programmed a huge range of music --- )

    Thanks in advance and I'll let you know if the I have any further thoughts when I have a chance to hear these.

  4. Do have a new copy of T271 - (Cherkassky's Beethoven op.111/Eroica Variations) - but thats also been uploaded elsewhere - but might do it 'sometime'.. The transfers here are pretty good!

  5. The Schubert sonata is wonderful! Never a dull moment with S.C. and your transfer is beautiful. Can't wait to hear the LVB Op 111 (if you find the time.)

    Thanks again --- I look forward to hearing the rest of these 2 LPs.

  6. Nice to hear that! I really enjoyed listening to/(minimally) editing D.959 - though had an impression of some 'haste' in the final mvt; the waveform also disclosing dynamic compression in the recording. I thought you had the Beethoven - but will give it a spin (not listened to it for many years myself), &, if it doesn't appear likely to be too time-consuming to edit, it may be along reasonably quickly.

  7. Very confusing...there is another Shura Cherkassky issue from WRC T247,with practically the same cover.
    I found a copy and was convinced it was the same.In fact it is a recital featuring Chopin,Schumann,Liszt,and Clementi.

  8. Don't have that one: likely preferable to transfer compared to the Beethoven, as I've re-acquainted myself with that, & op.111 sounds downright 'incoherent' as the various strands of the music seem 'mangled/indistinct' compared to my memory of other pianists. So maybe his 'virtuosity' got in the way of 'profound' music'?