Sir Malcolm Sargent / RPO - Vaughan Williams. Symphony 9 - BBC 1958

Ralph Vaughan Williams:  Symphony no.9, in E minor   
I. Moderato maestoso   ~  II. Andante sostenuto   ~  III. Scherzo: Allegro pesante   ~  IV. Andante tranquillo  
16/44 FLAC  Mega Download
24/96 FLAC  Mega Download
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra  conducted by  Sir Malcolm Sargent   (UK/World premiere performance: Royal Festival Hall, 2nd April 1958)
BBC Radio 3 FM - Repeated: 29/4/2001  (2nd repeat: 9/11/2003 ? - this TX used).   Originally broadcast 'live': BBC Home Service.  
FM source:  Leak Stereofetic tuner > Pioneer MJ-D707 Minidisc.      Full Frequency & Dynamic-Range.... 
16/44: Pioneer MJ-D707 > Pioneer PDR-509 CD-RW recorder ..... 24/96:  Pioneer MJ-D508 (24bit D/A) > Terratec DMX 6Fire 24/96.
Concert announcement / "The Times" - review / Frequency Analysis  >>>
Andrew Rose's  "Pristine Audio - RMCR 'advert' comment re: this, claimed, 'rarity':   "Your offering has an upper audio frequency ceiling of about 13k" .....
Actually, the BBC cut-off FM broadcasts  @ 15kHz - and the Audacity Frequency Analysis, below, shows my MiniDisc transfer goes right up to that frequency/19kHz 'pilot tone'..
From the above RMCR link:

> Hi There!!!
> It was YOU who described the RVW9 tape as being found in Mr Foreman's
> 'shed'......
> Re: the MD frequency-range/digital compression.....
> Your R2R copy (@ what speed/quality of tape condition/set-up?) comes,
> as mine, from the 'later FM' TX - which is a) limited to a max 15kHz
> b) is subject to 'Optimod' digital compression (not to mention other
> digital circuitry in the TX chain).

> If your "renowned writer, musicologist and expert on British classical
> music" was able to have supplied you a CD-R direct from the FM
> transmission it could be (ever-so..) slightly 'better' than my
> MiniDisc..(which, however, isn't limited to '13kHz..) *but it wasn't*.
> So: A Load of Old 'Eyewash' and Red-Herrings - **as per usual**.

> What you really don't like is 'competition' for your, invariably,
> over- priced (and over-processed) inflated-ego 'productions'.
> But..do you apologise to Decca for 'ripping-off' material that they've
> issued on CD just a few years previously (with claims that your
> dubbing from Geriatric LP is 'superior' to their master-tapes)??

> As to me 'pouring scorn' on your stuff...I'll point-out that I've
> 'pointed-out' a vast number of  'errors' in the claims/statements you
> make here/on your site - which I put down to your general lack of
> knowledge..

> I would also point out that, over a 20month blog period, my 'spoilers'
> have amounted to scarcely more than *50minutes* recording time...
> One side of Galliera/Respighi (you didn't include the other) Weldon's
> 'In the South' (most folks wouldn't want Ripley's 'Sea Pictures) + the
> EP 'Handel/Elgar (I  also included the other side) - and That after my
> having previously uploaded the Weldon/German 10" LP...

> Then there's the Mengelberg/Beethoven (a claimed 'best seller' of
> yours - so, presumably, my 'popular' upload hardly diminished your
> 'earnings'..??) - when I had Already made some dubbings - but it was
> taking a long time to remedy the defects..which you then stated I
> hadn't attempted to do - and that my LP transfer was
> 'defective' (sounded f...ing better than your 224 mp3 'sample').

> "your blog..which hadn't seen any new output for nearly three weeks
> and is headed "no new posts for the time being"..

> That's right - I've decided to re-prioritize my time - so less of it
> iscurrently being devoted to the blog.  However, if you read recent
> 'comments' I did mention I'd make the occasional upload before re-
> instating regular uploads..& the next is likely to be a delayed-from-
> last-year of the 'Chorale Populaire de Paris' ('Commies') founded in
> 1935 in 6 otherwise unavailable (?) 1936 recordings from superb pre-
> war French Odeon 78s - in time for Bastille Day.

> Any objections??
> You've got 10days to find them in someones 'potting shed' (or
> yours..)...and get-out your ambient stereo 'spoiler'..
The good old days of St. Arthur and the Warlords of The Round Disc, fighting
against the Compressors and other Devils of the copying re-Masters!

To tinear@ymail.com
Sent: 27 September 2010 11:26:19
To: tinear@ymail.com

When I first read the email from Pristine Audio addressed to you, that was on the Music Parlour blog I thought it a joke,it can not possibly be for real.Can it?
Food on table,starving children! it reads like one of those scam emails from Nigeria.

I enjoy visiting your blog on a regular basis,mainly for the information on labels etc,and do the odd download of something I am interested in hearing,
I have no view re charging for Music Parlour,it's your blog and your call.I do not doubt you put a lot of time and effort in a excellent and professional (maybe that's Pristine's problem) undertaking.

I would suggest to Pristine Audio if they are that worried by you,do it better,problem solved.That is how the world works.


Yes - that was for real.
The sort of email one should never send - and a 'Sword of Damocles' if ever there was.
I hadn't intended ever using it - (ie, he 'could' have relied upon his 'confidence' in me) but now wish to draw a line - as, over the years, he has been taking people for fools - and I've absolutely lost interest in 'correcting' his errors/misinformation on RMCR...which he considers as 'destroying' his business (yeh, right!!).

He is, no doubt, a decent 'nice' person - but seemingly has acquired many 'enemies' - either due to his 'success' (turning 'lead into gold') - or the fact he will charge heavily for 'synthesised' transfers of LP/78 - or, ie, very easy copying of BBC broadcasts (as in the RVW 9/Sargent - which he had the nerve to describe as 'rare' - hence my upload - which I'd anyway previously intended doing as had uploaded the Sargent/Moiseiwitsch's from the same 2000/1 BBC series 'BBC Legends') - or by the fact he has got his stuff 'advertised' all-over - pretty annoying when one realises how 'cheap'/commonplace most of the originating LP's are...
remely revealing - and in such contrast to what you will see being peddled elsewhere!