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Benno Moiseiwitsch plays... Delius / Rachmaninov / Beethoven, etc - BBC 1954-1956/1963

Wagner, arr. Liszt:  "Tannhauser" overture.  1954 BBC TV 'Celebrity Recital'.
Schumann:  "Traumerai"  +  Benno Moiseiwitsch.....speaking about: Delius' Piano Concerto, his pianism, & Schumann:  1959 BBC Broadcast.
Delius:  Piano Concerto  13 Sept.1955  - Henry Wood Proms / Royal Albert Hall.  
Rachmaninov:  Piano Concerto no.2.   6 Aug.1956 - Henry Wood Proms / Royal Albert Hall      
Beethoven:  Piano Concerto no.5 - "Emperor"   6 March 1963 - Royal Festival Hall.         5 files zip FLAC  Mega Download
BBC Symphony Orchestra  conducted by  Sir Malcolm Sargent   
BBC Radio 3 FM  ("BBC Legends" - July 2001) - Meridian 104 FM tuner.  CD-RW digital transfers from MiniDisc.  
Files re-edited: Feb./May 2013 (Delius now cleared of minor ticks - the Rachmaninov also minus disfiguring BBC Transcription disc 'clicks')
Rachmaninov PC.1/2 + Paganini on HISTORICAL    Delius Concerto on HISTORICAL    


  1. Argh! Sendspace refusing to let me download without paying them a lot of money! Any chance of putting these up on Mediafire?

    (Whiny voice)


  2. Thank you, Tin Ear for all of the Moiseiwitsch items recently offered.

    I was blown away by Moiseiwitsch's grand- style playing of the Rachmaninov Cto 2, which I've already listened to several times. Sargent's accompaniment is not a disappointment either.

    Now one of my favorite perfs of this work.


  3. Forgot to mention the most important thing--the Liszt-Wagner Tannhauser Overture! Sensational playing.


  4. Have lots more but wanted to avoid items on CD. It wouldnt be fair to copy the x4 APR 1987 LPs of early performances / Rachmaninov (1-2-Paganini)- but have some on 78s. World Records Delius PC transfer from 78s is very much like playing shellac - so might add that + some other 78s to the other Blog. Have been tempted to add Sargent/BBC mono Rachmaninov: Sym.3 - though the performance is rather unconvincing in places: never on CD. I agree, Tannhauser is a real Tour de Force!

  5. Mikhail Kaykov01 June, 2010

    This is wonderful. Moiseiwitsch is one of my favorite artists. Check out his earlier 1938 recording of the Wagner-Liszt. Simply Galvanic!

    -Mikhail Kaykov

    P.S. I hope the "Chopin Recital" LP will be posted soon.

  6. I was going to upload the Chopin/HMV LP- then decided to 'take a break'. Anyway couldn't decide whether to upload the mono CLP or the stereo SXLP reissue (which doesn't have the Barcarolle on the other CLP). Have the Schumann/Grieg on CLP + Kreutzer with Heifetz on ALP + quite a variety of 78s. Will get around to completing this 'task' shortly...

  7. Mikhail Kaykov01 June, 2010

    ah, so you will upload it?

    I look forward to it, but take your time!


    Mikhail Kaykov

  8. Thanks - Jerry

  9. Another Moiseiwitsch-Rachmaninov's 2nd recording, ha-ha!

    Thank you...your blog is like a cornucopia. No matter how long i spend here, there's always something new to find.

    1. The other pieces here appear quite compelling also, though!

    2. As I mentioned 'elsewhere' the BBC also broadcast the Paganini Rhapsody - but the transcription-disc surface-noise was terrible (as was the sound) so dumped that from the MD and recorded the following-weeks 'Emperor'.
      I had to add a 'warning' about the Moiseiwitsch EMI LP's re: surface-noise- as there is some audible (as with the currently 'retired' Malko: discovering far more than '3 clicks': and probably requiring some 'click-repair'...).

  10. Yes well, clicks or noise or not, fact remains i've never been disappointed with the quality of your uploads, but your tendency towards being critical of your own work is certainly admirable.

    The 'Emperor' here is a nice switch as the HMV Moiseiwitsch/Cameron/LPO Paganini Variations was absolutely beautiful already (with very nice sound considering the 78-source - there was nothing distracting about it despite the 'grittiness' you mention).

    1. (Sorry, my mistake: seems the source for that wasn't 78 but instead you said it might have even better sound..)

    2. Have a few dozen Moiseiwitsch HMV 78's (including the pre-war Emperor)- and it may be possible to 'better' those 2x Bryan Crimp Rachmaninov shellac transfers: but yes: am 'hypercritical' of any failings in my 78 transfers - as is my unwillingness to 'debase' inherent LP sound-quality in order to eradicate minimal residual surface-noise: which I have to tolerate (+ clicks/pops) when listening to the discs: quite a few (despite disposing of many) of which collectors will pay $300-3000 each - and then possibly ruin with inappropriate 'cleaning'.

      Also have the 1951 RCA masterings of Rachmaninov-playing (minus Concerto 3 - not then UK issued?) on HMV's premium 1957 CSLP label (Concerto 4 on 1 LP..) - absolutely new copies..but quite probably superseded by later transcriptions (only have some late 50's -Decca/RCA 1970's issues)...also have a new original album of Horowitz's 1930's Rachmaninov PC3 (LSO/Coates) -but 'HMV shellac': which does the sound no favours...(whereas Hardwick's LP transfer of his 1930's Liszt Sonata is splendid - from metalwork).

  11. Nice...can you say how is the sound on those HMV Rachmaninov recordings?

    1. If I hadn't started the blogs thn possibly would have played them by now..
      Parts of #4 sounded OK.

      You can hear the US RCA #2 (same 78 transfer, it appears) from El 'baúl del coleccionista' blog.

      I was going to add #1 (Lympany: CLP) / #3 (Bachauer:CLP) /#4 (Michelangeli:ALP) / Pag Rhap (Wayenberg:CFP stereo) (+ there's the Decca Lympany #3)..but hardly likely I'll get around to any of these....all excellent performances (and the Micheangeli sounds splendid as the mono).

  12. i you probably know, the CD releases don't sound too good. Thanks for the direxion..

    Why does everything you mention sound so bloody interesting, ha-ha?!

    1. Well..I guess I can recognize 'interesting/worthwhile' performances: the problem is the dreadful time-wasting/effort required to transfer them from LP: and I really can't upload stuff just because the Record Company/s 'make a mess' of CD issues.

      Additionally, with those HMV CSLP LP's, I absolutely do not want to 'wet-clean' them - just in order to make a hand-edited transfer easier/viable: they really are (as with so many vintage LP's) 'brand-new'..


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