Benno Moiseiwitsch: Rachmaninov. Piano Concerto 2 -&- Paganini Rhapsody - HMV 1955

Sergei Rachmaninov: 
Piano Concerto no.2 in C minor, op.18   I: Allegro moderato  ~  II: Adagio sostenuto  ~  III: Allegro scherzando
Moment Musical in E minor, op.16/4 -&- Prelude in G major, op.32/5 
HMV  CLP 1094   Matrices:  2XEA 890 - 3N / 891 -1N  Rec: 13/14 August 1955,  EMI Studio 1, Abbey Road

Sergei Rachmaninov:  "Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini", op.43   
HMV  CLP 1072   Matrix: 2XEA 888  -4N
Rec: 15 August 1955, EMI Studio 1, Abbey Road

Benno Moiseiwitsch, piano  - The Philharmonia Orchestra  conducted by  Hugo Rignold
3 files zip FLAC  Mega Download
October 2015: minimal '1.2' declicked + slight treble added.
Earlier HMV recordings of PC 1/2 + Paganini on HISTORICAL    World Records Sleeve-note >>>  


  1. Hi Tin Ear,

    Downloaded and listened to the Moiseiwitsch Paganini Variations last week - great sound and performance - one of my favorites.

    Haven't had a chance to hear the concerto yet but will shortly.

    Please reconsider reopening the pop music site whenever you feel up to it. I have listened to the Japanese album a couple times and the Neopolitan songs many times over. Great stuff.

    I cant believe you do click removal manually! I think I agree with you that it's the best way, and I've done it but it is mind-numbing exhausting work.

    And you upload via dialup! I stand in awe.

    Thank you so much for letting us listen to these long-gone recordings.

  2. Hello There. As you might imagine, running 3 blogs is a bit much; but will re-open the Popular..with an experimental dub of a 1964 recording of West Side Story on Fidelio (TLA 9025 - Alan Jones Orch, et al)...but need also to re-upload the Neapolitan material + dub some more... The Paganini is very fine (might add CLP1282: Chopin recital + the Barcarolle from CLP 1072). If the cartridge Im experimenting with works OK on mono Classical then might be able to improve (albeit very slightly) the sound-quality. Manual click-removal is only feasible (didnt need to bother on the Neapolitans though) due to the excellent condition most of my collection is in; Im pretty accomplished now!!! (but fine Crackles are really time-consuming..).

  3. Many thanks - I think you're right about the mono being more satisying than the early stereo.


  4. I enjoyed this post - Thanks

  5. I have enjoyed your postings. I like the in depth details you give about the music, which has saved me a lot of time trying to look up sources. Thanks - Jerry

  6. Hopefully I can upload rather more from this weekend. I realise I don't go into much/any detail about the performances (Gramophone Archive is fine for that - and will also try to include my EMG Monthly Letters - which I have from 1947-85) but I find it frustrating if, elsewhere, no details are given of recording/issue dates (or LP details such as matrices..). There is, however, a limitation in being UK-based, inasmuch as there really isnt a great deal of the Mono-period left untransferred..and I dont want to Barrel-Scrape!

  7. Mikhail Kaykov01 June, 2010

    These Paganini Variations are even better than his 1930' recording. Thank you very much for sharing.


    Mikhail Kaykov

  8. Look forward to hearing this near-recent re-edit! One has to apparently go through your older entries from time to time... :)

    And: is there a particular reason you didn't upload (or transfer) the Chopin pieces?

    1. Occasionally I'll do a re-edit; but with no idea if these now get downloaded much then it's not a priority - and don't like doing it as (theoretically) it could damage the original quality.

      The Chopin 1959 mono original has piano sound that is not too defined - so couldn't decide which cartridge to use - and the 1966 (first) stereo has a noisier surface...so it never got done - though maybe there would be some interest shown (has a laugh..) - even if I used some slight de-click/treble boost..??
      The 2 solo pieces here were not available for a few years prior to the re-edit - not very good sound in any event..

    2. i see - personally i'd love to hear Moiseiwitsch playing the Chopin pieces, too, so hope that you'll one of these times can choose a cartridge for the job. But, expressed interest is a harsh demand.. ;)

    3. Maybe it's on CD..?? The best sound I got was from an ancient Ortofon - but the diamond 'dropped-off'...and someone (months back) wanted the Solomon 78>LP transfers (the CD is no good) - and then there's the Moiseiwitsch Grieg/Schumann - and I really should re-do these Rachmaninov's (been through a few re-saves before) - but thought the time might be better-spent transferring the superb Solomon Brahms/Tchaikovsky 1st Piano Concertos (had bad reissues on LP) - and so on......

    4. Oh, i see. Admittedly a few minutes of piano playing has a hard time competing with those options..! Just one more question, can you point me to where you mentioned what's on the Solomon 78's (if you did somewhere here)?

      Thanks very much for including the small solo pieces, here, tho! Don't know a better Rachmaninov-pianist than Moiseiwitsch..

    5. The Solomon/Chopin (I uploaded the Bliss/Liszt to HISTORICAL) is in the 1972 3LP set (RLS 701) & comprises 10 tracks from 1932-46.
      There's also Brahms' Handel Variations.
      I'm not too happy with the transfer-quality - also have the Brahms/some Chopin on 78's - so mostly why That hasn't 'got done', I suppose...


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